Recent News?

***may I add that I wrote this post two weeks ago...
Even though I have not been posting, I'm still very updated with the recent tvb news ;)
1)  Yoyo Mung's and Ekin Cheng's Wedding in Japan?!
First off congrats to the newlyweds!  Even though Ekin announced that the pair would be getting married soon, not much info were leaked out about the event beforehand.  In fact, this wedding event even surprised its guests!  Even though it was unfortunate that many friends were unable to attend the pair's special moment because of that, it was still quite sweet don't you think?  Seeing Yoyo's and Ekin's wedding photos, their faces glowed with happiness :)

2)  Bobby Admitted into the Hospital!?
This seriously worried me but thank goodness his condition have stabilized now and he was released.  Bobby, please look after your health :(

3) Raymond Lam and Karena Ng dating?!
Ahem, age aside, I was simply surprised by Raymond Lam's confession.  It was a rather sudden move, but I'm glad that he spoke up.  No doubt it would lift off some weight for the couple, and now they won't have to worry too much about getting caught in public together.

Speaking of the age gap though, it's 14 years right?  To be honest, I don't really care about the age gap.  Instead it's the fact that Karena is 19 years old.  Personally feel that it's too early for her to date someone with such an age gap.  If she was 25 or some where along there, doubt that there would be so much talk about the age gap.

Eventual break-up?  Haha there was a poll on Jaynestars regarding how their relationship would end up, and I think 'eventual breakup' won?  Lols.  It may turn out to be true because it is undeniably hard to keep up a relationship, not to mention that they are in the entertainment world too, but still, all the best to the couple ;)

4)  "Inbound Troubles" Recognition
Besides good ratings, "Inbound Troubles" has also garnered alot of praises for its refreshing casts and comedic elements (?).  Aside from being happy for Joey Meng (it's her first series at tvb), I was also happy for the whole cast.  I'll be honest that I did not expect the series to have received so much attention, but instead feared that the casts and ratings would've gotten affected due to the early broadcasting and its focus on a controversial topic.


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