New Banner and Graphics!

Yes...another new banner =.=  I am just constantly changing them.  Haha but this one is a keeper ;)  Totally loving it!  I chose the 'rising' stars that I really like :)  Still have to get my post on Ronald Law started!

Also a few new banners :)  Hope you guys like them hehe.


May said...

Hey I don't really know all the rising stars in your baner! Could you name them from left to right so I can know them better? THanks ! :)

lynne said...

Here's the list May :)
Eliza Sum, Matt Yeung, Mandy Wong, Nathan Ngai, Oceane Zhu, Vincent Wong, Samantha Ko, Ronald Law, sire Ma, Elaine Yiu, Sammy Shum, Rebecca Zhu, Benjamin Yuen

Any thoughts? :D

May said...

Hi lynne!
Well there are some of them who I look highly upon too! And i really like them! So i believe they will rise higher in the future! Looking forward to seeing more of them on screen!

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