TVB's 2012 Gala Show - The Ladies's fashion

The fashion overall in here is much better than the Sales Presentation' let's hope that the Awards night will be even better!!  Unfortunately, stars like Myolie Wu and Fala Chen were unable to attend the Gala since they are filming Triumph in the Skies in Europe....

Dressing in a more conservative matter than the others, I still personally like Linda's dress alot!  I especially like how the collar of the dress was all fancy (stands out) while the rest of the dress were in two simple colors.  The belt and the design of how the rest of the dress were layered is also something I liked.  Along with her hair and lipstick color, she had on a very classic look.

Linda got another dress for her performance with Ruco :)  Hehe both of them looks fabulous!  lols I was all excited seeing them perform together x)

Even though a different dress, the style is still somewhat similar but overall, I also like it very much.  It would be more preferable if the dress was a one piece though.

Honestly, I would not like it so much if it was the dress itself but Christine pulled it off very well.  The dress matches her skin tone and along with how she styled her hair into a ponytail, altogether with the dress, gave Christine a very pure and youthful look!  

It is quite unfortunate to hear that When Heaven Burns was Astrid's last series since I love seeing her onscreen (when i first saw Astrid, I thought of you guys think they resemble each other?  I can see a little of it.)

Now back to her dress, I love it alot.  Just the metallic white/grey attracted me to the pictures, and the floral beads designs on the dress is also very pretty.  I can see a problem though when she tries to walks x)

Alice Chan is no doubt one of the most beautiful actress tvb have now.  This dress only further proven that fact.  The dress is quite simple, but yet elegant and Alice gives of a very goddess-like feeling in it....

Compared to her dress at the Sales Presentation ceremony, I am nowhere near liking this dress.  Especially with the extra poofy stuff, they make her figure much bitter in size.

The dress if not bad, but I am not a big fan of it either.

Before seeing the full picture of Sharon's dress, the top part of it reminded me of Lady Gaga's meat suit dress (no joke...that dress was made of all real meat, including her boots) because of the shades of red.  Lols I freaked out for second there.  After seeing the full version, the fabric designs reminds me more of a koi...especially how the dress flares out at the bottom.  Overall, thought the dress was alright since I don't really like the designs on the fabric.

I want the full picture of the dress :/  Overall, still cute!  I really like the color purple too.  The only thing I don't really like are Selena's jewelry since I do not think they match very well with the otufit.  Better to have no necklace at all (since the dress's neckline is already so high) and with a different bracelet.

EDIT:  I found the full picture of the dress :(  I had initially thought that it'll be a short dress, but unfortunately it was not.  Ugh...

Handsome guy and beautiful lady!  Yoyo's dress reminds me of a swan, similar to Myolie's and Nancy's dresses last year but Yoyo's swan dress gives off a much gentler aura than theirs.  Very sweet :)

Quite odd that I like Kristal's hairstyle but just because of the way she displays herself, her hair suits her alot.  On the other hand, I still do not like the dress.  Personally don't like dresses with such poofy-ness haha.

It is quite clear that Shirley has lost alot of weight!  :(  
As for her attire, it's nothing new.  Shirley usually wears this tube dresses...

Unflattering dress and bad choice of lipstick color D;

Where was Natalie Tong?  This was the only picture I found.  Anyways, I don't have a full view of her dress so not much comment.  Only thing I've got to say is that I love her hair!

EDIT:  Found the picture of the whole dress!  Do not like it though.

I posted this group picture because of Macy Chan.  First of all, very surprise to see her dress in such a revealing dress...which sadly is

At first look (in the group picture, I really liked that purple-ish dress in the middle worn unknown actress, but after seeing the full dress, it wasn't that great since it was too poofy.  I guess it was better when the other actresses blocked all those extra poof.

Then there are more actresses that I did not know....which I began tired of saving pictures off, so there are only a few of them here.

These were performance dresses right?  That is why all of them got the matching feather thingy :D  Cute!


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