Vincent Wong Singing

After reading, Vincent Wong Has An Extraordinary Eye For Beauty, I was curious in Vincent's singing since I never knew that he was a singer before. So I searched up some of his songs to share it with you guys! hehe...

This video was uploaded back in it's been awhile.
I like this song, but I wish Vincent's hairstyle was different :P Haha I chuckled a little looking at it x)

Judging from the quality and the hairstyle, I'm just going to assume that this video is newer than the other two...personally like it the best too! Love the melody :D Though I admit I like the girl's voice better :P Haha can you guys spot a really weird expression Vincent made though? hehee.

War of In Laws 2 - sub theme
Sang by Myolie Wu and VINCENT WONG!!! I never knew that o.O

Am I personally bias against duets? I think so because I also really like this song!!:D

Live Version

Vincent Rapping?

LOLS!! Omg...haha. I am no fan of rapping :P He sings a non-rap song later in the clip though.


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