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A totally random post out of nowhere :P  I didn't even know what I was writing about...until I started ranting :P haha.

Suddenly feeling all nostalgic after listening to the song. I miss tvb's old series so much Q.Q Especially the ancient ones. The ancient series tvb have nowadays are so pathetic that I shake my head each time one is created. Seriously! The problem lies within the costumes and setting (becoming so fake). (If they do put the budget in it though, of course they can produce some nice looking ancient series (The Confidant and Beauty at War).)

For next year...I think tvb is kinda shifting towards the pre-modern era? There are 3 or 4 pre-modern series lining up next year...and barely any ancient series. There are two "proposed" (may not be filmed in the end) ancient series in the sales presentation though:

-"Food for the Slaves" (Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Fala Chen, Susan Tse)
-"Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon" (Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Kenny Wong, Aimee Chan)

HOnestly, I doubt that tvb will film Cold Mountian Hidden Dragon...since the storyline seems a bit far fetch for the usual tvb series? (Kenny is a ruler from a parallel world, which Raymond and Kenneth play as assassins) omg...for those who haven't see the costumes, you should :P haha they're hilarious!!! Honestly, the costumes are ridiculous :P This actually reminds me of the sales presentation last year of Bosco, Ruco and Aimee (that did not get filmed in the end).  Kenneth looked so funny!!  Lols I laughed when I saw his hairstyle!!!  Honestly, I think it's their hairstyles...because the costumes for all of them looked fine...somewhat.  It's the hair.  Definitely the hair :P

I really want tvb to film a mythical series again....since Ghost Writer wasn't that bad.  But I guess they won't :P  Recent ancient series have always been involved with the palace and stuff....and I don't like that, because the hairdos of the ladies....looks exhausting, for their head and also for my eyes :P  I want an ancient fighting series, not fighting ( fighting from Devil's Disciples....=.=)  but actual fighting.  *sigh* Sadly there are not many female artistes who can pull off in such series, as they're more modern looking....

As for "Food for Slaves"....I dunno. I like the casting, but Ray looked so odd with his emperor costume!! lols I kinda laughed seeing him in it...but to be fair, not many people can pull that look off.  I really want Nancy to be in the fighting role though!!!!  Want her in that role I actually want tvb to film this Q.Q

Now back to the shifting to pre-modern. I just saw some filming pictures of Sonija's series and saw this picture!!!
Look at it the corner...there's a TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So sad Q.Q  That is no ordinary's Pun Sin's and Tsui Sum's tree!!!!  Click here to view another picture.  My point is....the pre-modern settings of tvb's is basically all the same =.=  There weren't so many pre-modern series I didn't really notice or care, but I dunno...I've come to notice alot more recently.  

Lols I think I just became exceptionally emotional seeing that started all this "rant".  


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