[News] Vincent Wong Has An Extraordinary Eye For Beauty

That day during the interview, a 'sick voice' was heard from Vincent Wong, but once the discussion topics unfolded, Vincent's voice started getting louder and louder. First topic was "beautiful girl". Vincent developed this discussion on his own...

"When I was young and there were a lot of girls around, I would only focus on their outer appearance -- if they looked attractive and if their body figure fit my standards? But when I matured, I began to think, just by looking at the girl's outer appearance is not enough. Girls with wisdom are even more beautiful."

Married a Beautiful Model

Saying Vincent has an eye for beauty is definitely not an exaggeration. His wife is Yoyo Chen, who is considered one beautiful woman. "It is such sunshine fate to be with her. Back then before I entered the industry, I already knew Yoyo was a very popular model. One day, I was on the streets and saw a poster, the girl on the Ad was Yoyo, who was less than 20 years old at the time. I was immediately attracted to her looks and qualities! I thought to myself, if such a beautiful girl like her could be my wife, that would be wonderful." Today, Vincent's dreams came true and after dating her, he had discovered Yoyo's inner qualities.

"Yoyo is indeed a girl with the good looks and wisdom. She is not only attentive in what she does, but also plans everything in detail. Also she doesn't get anxious when there are changes in the situation, she remains calm. Compared to her, I feel ashamed because I'm impatient. Fortunately we are opposites and it's really a match from heaven." That day, Vincent was performing in the musical Barefoot in the Park (辛辣人妻) and publicly proposed to Yoyo. She was so touched, she agreed immediately. The couple were married on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11). The couple made a life promise, "one partner for life". Marrying such a beautiful wife, what more can Vincent ask for?

"Siu Long Lui" Wong Jing Kiu Comes Into The World

"Happiness" is written all over Vincent Wong, but this is only the first half chapter of his perfect family. When Yoyo gave birth to a beautiful little princess (Wong Jing Kiu) earlier this April, their newborn made his relationship with Yoyo even richer. Her father's a handsome young man, while her mother is a beautiful woman. Little Miss Wong possess the qualities of both parent, how can she not stand out in public? Everyone, please write down this name, you never know, she may be the Miss HK winner 10 years from now!

When speaking of his daughter, Vincent sweetly said: "Her looks changes day after day, so I take pictures of her daily and capture her every move on video. It's truly amazing!" Vincent frankly expressed his parents had a business when he was young, and didn't have too much time to be with him. Thus, now that he's a father himself, he's grasping every opportunity and cherishes every moment to hug and kiss his daughter during these few years. Time flies, in a blink of an eye, she'll be all grown up.

Vincent's daughter is already 7 months old, but when asked of the most memorable moments? He said: "Till this day, the moment Jing Kiu came out of her mother's womb, it is still very vivid. This will be my Top One memories -- I accompanied Yoyo into the delivery room and videotaped the entire process. When I personally cut the umbilical cord, one cut at a time, I was so nervous, my hands started sweating. Yoyo held onto my hand the entire time and didn't let go, while I was on the side constantly supporting her. Watching my daughter come into this world, from not being able to make a sound, to crying out loudly, then to her little hands grabbed my finger, all these events touched me to tears..."

Since little "Siu Long Lui" Jing Kiu stepped into Vincent and Yoyo's life of two people, as the father, Vincent felt the responsibility on him was even greater. Whether to his wife or daughter, he has a lot more responsibilities. "Actually I had always thought I would have my own family and children. Today, it has all come true, right before my eyes."

Hard to Pull Out of Tiger Cub's Role

Vincent had an outstanding performance in 2010's TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey. He gained much popularity from the role, and was honored with the "My Favorite Most Promising Actor" award at the MY AOD Favourites Awards Presentation 2011. Also, his latest drama Tiger Cubs was well-received as well. In both series, Vincent played a police officer, but has he ever thought of becoming a police officer in real life? Vincent smiled: "I believe becoming a police officer is a dream job for many guys because in movies and TV series, they are always heroes with a positive image. I've considered going to police school and becoming a police officer too, but my family thought the job was too dangerous, so they didn't allow me." Vincent frankly expressed after Gun Metal Grey and Tiger Cubs, a lot more people would call him 'Ah Sir'. Because Vincent had gotten too into character with his 'Yau Chun Hin' role in Tiger Cubs, it was difficult for him to get out of the role. We can see how great of an interest he has for acting.

Hong Kong Style Love Songs Is His Favorite

In reality, Vincent's familiarity with music didn't start from acting, but in fact when he was working as a graphic designer, he was already humming to songs at his company. His colleagues also knew he could sing. Later when he was at karaoke, a manager at Neway Star, spotted him and took him in for auditions. In 2008, he officially became a singer and released his first individual album. After his contract ended, he worked at TVB8 as the host for a music program and recently he started focusing more on TV series. "All along, I thought my favorite music genre was R&B, but recently I found my true love. I actually like Hong Kong style love songs the most, like classic songs by the Heavenly Kings -- Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lau, Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung and many other seniors." As the 2012 Miss Chinese International guest performer, what song will he choose to perform? He said he will keep that a secret, but reveals: "I guarantee, it be a memorable performance." We will have to wait and see then.

Source: PLEM (Popular Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine), KuangaiTVB
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: Always liked Vincent :) He gives of a very likable vibe...and now even more lovable to see how he's such a caring father!! haha.  I personally see Vincent leading soon...he got the looks, as for the acting, he's alright too :)  ...lacking abit of..."onscreen presence" though?  Anyways, I like him so therefor support him :P haha


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