[News] Bobby Au-Yeung Eye Bags Removed, 10 Years Younger, Next Target is Eliza Sam

Bobby Au Yeung's huge eye bags had been bothering him for years and he only could use glasses and hats to cover them up. In the past 3-4 years, eye bags got severe. However, earlier Bobby served as the spokesperson for an 'eye bag removal' endorsement, where he got his eye bags treated. He said: "Because I have bags under my eyes, even if I slept for 10 hours, people still think I'm really exhausted. Actually two bags of fat sagging on my face is really heavy and exhausting, now I can finally say bye bye to them. I feel a lot more spirited! Feels like I'm 10 years younger! I can go home and smile in my sleep"

Bobby Au Yeung had always been afraid of pain, so how did he get the courage to get his eye bags removed? He laughed: "My eye bags were saved up from all my hard work over the years, especially the last 3-4 years, it seems like its getting more severe. I already had intentions to get it fixed and I had friends who have gone to Korea and Japan to get it done. I asked for a lot of advice and opinions, but because I have two layers of eye bags, it hangs pretty low. I don't care how its done, but just thinking of undergoing surgery, I get very frightened. After all its my eyes, I don't dare to mess around with them, so that's why I never got it done. It wasn't until a friend told me surgery wasn't necessary that I started planning try it out. Unexpectedly I got an endorsement and that's how I got the courage to give it a try."

Florence Kwok Can Be My Mother, Yoyo Mung Step Mother

Bobby's eye bags and his hairstyle are considered his 'signatures'. He said: "Its the same as my hair, friends told me not to change my hair because that won't look like me anymore. However, eye bags are different. Earlier when House of Harmony and Vengeance was airing, they said my eye bags looked like cashews. So, in order to cover them up, I usually wear glasses and a hat. Nowadays, I don't have to anymore, I just have to 'bring my eyes to know people'."

When Bobby was shooting the advertisement pictures, the staff in the studio complimented that he successfully 'returned to youth'. He said proudly: "Nowadays it's pretty hard to find someone around the same age to stand next to me. It seems like after Myolie Wu and Linda Chung, I will have to pair up with 'Princess Heung Heung' (Eliza Sam). I need to submit that suggestion to TVB, they can even have Florence Kwok be my mother. If she could be Chris Lai's mother, then she certainly can be mines. Yoyo Mung can be my step mother."

Removed Eye Bags For Esther Kwan

Has Bobby's wife praised he's looks younger? He said: "Once my wife saw me, she said she has to get it done too. I immediately said no because she basically has a daily routine, sleeps around the same time and other times she'll go exercise. How will she have any eye bags? I'm different, I try to get out of it. Exercise? I'll do it tomorrow, let me take a nap first." When asked if he's full of confidence now? Bobby joked: "Yes, I'm perfect now. I could only threaten Kwok Fung before, but now I can finally challenge Raymond Lam."

Before Bobby gets the opportunity to work with Princess Heung Heung, he will first reunite with his old partner Esther Kwan. It is confirmed she'll be back to shoot a TVB series in November, Bobby said: "I'm doing all my preparations. Getting my eye bags removed was mainly because of her. Since 1998, we haven't really collaborated, and she kept it so well, if I don't look younger, how can I be her partner? Such a rare opportunity for us to meet again, I cannot lose to her. Aside from the acting, we should match on the outside as well. I really do anticipate our collaboration, there will definitely be new sparks."

Source: Mingpao Weekly #2291, On.cc, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: Always enjoy reading articles of Bobby! He's always so smiley and funny x) Lols he drags Yoyo Mung into everything doesn't he :P I really want to see them pair up again...love them! HEhe but I also love him with Esther Kwan ;D Can't wait for the series next year!


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