No Good Either Way Overview

What is this about?  Basically a story that revolves a group of employees who have to deal with their good/bad bosses.  No Good Either Way feels like a sitcom in certain aspects with it's casting and also for the office setting.  At first I didn't really want to watch it but the themesong attracted me.  It's quite catchy and is nice to listen too.  To me the themesong is the hook because if it's something I don't like, I tend to watch a few episodes but later give them up.  Quite weird...but so far working nicely.  If the themesong is nice, the series usually turns out good but if

Now is the series good or not?  Would I recommend it or not?  After putting up the poll, I notice how....controversial this series is.  For me, it's actually one of the better series this year.  I admit it did get a little boring/annoying when Ruco's character turned abit...unreasonable but overall, good series.  At first, the storyline did really feel like a sitcom with no point but you just have to give the series abit of time.  You'd come to appreciate the characters and the casts.  To me the plot didn't really matter because it were the characters themselves who drove the plot.  The characters were all funny and the chemistry among the casts were also something to appreciate.  It was definitely a fun series to watch :D

Ruco Chan as Alex.  Maybe it's just me, but I was not exactly crazy over Ruco in The Truth.  I actually like him better in here as the fun but rather stubborn Alex.  He can do comedy, and I love seeing him with Louis Yuen.  Aside from the later half of the series, Alex was such a fun character to watch.  His curly hair also adds a nice touch towards his goofy image (he looks so cute).  As mentioned before though, Alex became quite unlikable towards the end!  Why?  Throughout the series, I guess you can say things went smoothly for him with family and friends to support him....but things just changed.  Held highly above all, Alex is a should I put it (?)..."obnoxious" in a way because he thinks he can solve anything.  In the end, he finally hit the rock and is unable to get out of the hole.  Trapped in the hole, everything was just about him from there.  I must say that was annoying how he never took the time to consider the feelings of others, especially his sister.  It was so frustrating watching him!  But on the other hand, I felt that if it was me, maybe I'd be the same too.  

Kristal Tin as Ling.  Rather plain and a simple character, Ling is quite likable because she doesn't like to compete with anyone.  Haha it's quite odd to think that she could get such a high position in the company behaving so.  It's her pure personality that makes her stand out though I guess.  I think luck plays a big deal in life, and she got that.  

Kristal and Ruco surprised me with their sweet interactions.  The way they held each other and all showed how comfortable they were together.  Very good chemistry :)  Near the end where there relationship was about to end...I felt terrible for Ling.  Alex was really unreasonable then...making Ling feel like that the guy she love had turned into a stranger.

Louis Yuen as Steve.  He represents the people who puts in all their effort in hope of something, but ends up with nothing.  Steve got the experience and the skills, but he lacks the luck.  I felt quite bad for him because he've worked so hard for 10 years, just in hope of a promotion.  Reality can be cruel sometimes and it's just something that many of us nor Steve can control.  Louis is so funny as Steve and his parts with Interpal, Alex and Mr.Diu were probably my favourites.  Hehe once again bromances beats the romances :D  They always manage to make me laugh when they're together.  On a side note, I read some news that said Louis improvised his lines alot...which I think probably brought in even more chemistry with his co-stars. 

Gill Monhindepaul Singh as Interpal.  First of all, his name is long to spell!  Now back to Interpal, himself, I think he's my favourite character out of the series.  This guy can do comedy and seems to steal the screen whenever he appears.  I remember he was quite funny back in the sitcom, Welcome to the House, where he paired up with the nerdy Kingdom Yuen (they were so cute!) too.  It's quite unfortunate that he's leaving tvb though...I really like him.  As for Interpal, he's just the kind of guy full of ideas...really remind me of a kid who wants to do everything that is within their imagination!  Interpal also served as the comedic relief when the series moved into it's dramatic mode, so that makes him even better.

Florence Kwok as Violet.  Florence have always been a great actress to watch and I haven't seen her in awhile (since she seems to act in sitcoms more nowadays), so it was nice seeing her again.  Violet may be b*tchy but I found her rather cute at times when she's with her cousin (Kaki Leung).  So yah, she's mean but not in a way that I absolutely despise her but rather in a funny way.  Haha can't forget the scene where all the staffs were watching in hope that she'd trip....too bad she didn't :P  Violet lacked development though.  I wish something more was done for her character....because she's more of a silly antagonist than a true evil one.  

Stephen Au as Sam/Mr.Ko.  Like Florence, I rarely get to see Stephen either because he usually films sitcom.  Ok seriously, why can't they both film series?!  Since tvb is lacking acting talents, these two should seriously be pulled out!  They're both amazing!  Since Florence is in the King Maker...ok I won't complain too much, but Stephen!?!  Even though the supporting actors tvb uses now (if you noticed...they've been repeatedly used in the last few series aired) are great, it's still nice to see some new faces.  Stephen Au can act and I love him, so tvb should use him in some of the series.  Yah.  Haha back to Mr.Ko as the nice and compassionate boss, to be honest...I have nothing much to say.  The ending where he won the 500 employees over was touching though (but still terribly unrealistic).  

Natalie Tong as Kin.  Jason Chan as Aaron.  Matt Yeung as Mr Ho. 

- The last series I watched Natalie in was Sentinel, where I found her rather...forced.  Remember back when she won an award for her role in A Fistful of Stances?  Maybe I was too into her character that I missed out on some scenes where she exaggerated....and only noticed it when I re-watched the series last week.  I saw it in Sentinel though, but luckily I found her better in No Good Either Way :)  Think she've definitely improve.

- Jason?  This is the first time I've seen him and unfortunately, not so impress.  I personally liked the other guys in A4 better...especially..that guy...the guy that I don't know how to describe and have forgotten the name of.  Back to Jason, maybe it's his character?  To be fair, his character is quite despicable so that may have affected how I saw Jason.  On the other hand...Jason just seems "dull" and "fake".  In the the description, Aaron is described as a charismatic guy....and Jason did tried.  I just didn't feel anything (even before he turned bad).

- Matt Yeung.  Hehe I like this guy and thought his character was also so cute.  Maybe it's the way he talk....I love how Mr Ho only speaks in one tone along with his one expression face.  I can't help but laugh because his face is so expressionless!  (his character is suppose to be like that though)  He's also so caring towards Kin but too bad she likes Aaron.  Mr Ho was so funny in the end where he asked Kin to be his girlfriend by showing her his whole profile (investments, health etc).  Cute...but I don't think he'll get a girlfriend that way :P  Poor guy....


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