Picture Day: The Young Artistes in Moonlight Resonance

*pics credits Jonathan Lee's Yahoo Blog and yoyo小天地

-Jonathan Lee as Raymond Lam's younger version.
-Yoyo小天地 (does anybody know her full english name?) as Fala Chen's younger version.
-Kevin Lau as Moses Chan's younger version.
-Bonnie Ng as Linda Chung's younger version.

I wanted to find out the others names too...but unfortunately didn't find them :/ (argh! I know that kid who plays the young Chris Lai!!! He've been in a few series...but I don't know his name!)

Similar to my previous post on tvb kids: http://tvb-horizon.blogspot.ca/2009/08/my-fav-tvb-child-actors.html I will also be writing another post on those 4 kids mentioned above ;D


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