Relic of an Emissary Overview

Haha...finally did the review for this series! Though I didn't go into much detail....because it have been awhile, but I know it's a recommended series :D

I must say, I've really enjoyed this series! It's considerably one of the most enjoyable series so far this year. There's a different perspective for every character and no matter which one is onscreen, they'd be enjoyable to watch =D

The Fighting Scenes: I actually really enjoyed the fighting scenes in here, especially the ones with Sammul Chan and Michael Tse. More of Sammul though xD Haha loved his metal fan. ANyways, yah. Really enjoyed the scenes in here. They actually looked like real fighting...not just animations :P Too bad there weren't so much in here though.

Review for each character:

Joe Ma as Prince Yin
Daring dude....ruthless in ways, but fair and is also one of the most passionate guy in the series. What I love most about Prince Yin is the love for the women around him. Once he love someone, they'll be in his heart. We all know how he was introduced loving Shum Chin-Sum first....but then his wife appeared! Yo, I was totally surprise! But what surprised me more is that he also love his wife very much too. In the usual series...a guy would fall in love with a girl, and then the wife will be forgotten...but not for Prince Yin. This guy is faithful, which is very admirable. I wouldn't mind falling for a guy like this :P Haha....

Backing away from his love life, he still have a very admirable side to him. He is righteous. Knows what is right and wrong and knows to separate business from personal. As a leader, he really have the power and skills to lead. He makes people believe, respect and willing to work for him. I felt that it was right for him to take over the kingdom...check Joel's character section for reason why.

Kate Tsui as Shum Chin-Sum
This role of hers is probably one of my favourite! Kate have these very special eyes that made her the right girl to play as the evil and seductive Shum Chin-Sam! As for what I felt towards her role...I really pitied her. As a young child, she was force to live the ruthless life of brocade guard. Since then, she've learnt to trust nobody but herself...and needed great confidence in herself. Her moves are bold but yet admirable. Especially when she went to talk to that boss at the hot bath. She really had no fear!

But as a human being though, she have to have some weakness. And there is two. Her twin sister, Wong Chor-Chor and Prince Yin. She would do anything to protect her for Prince Yin, she accidentally fell in love with him. I was afraid that she was going to try to stay a way from him due to her job but you know what, Shum Chin-Sum is a girl who dares to hate and dare to love. She wasn't hesitant in loving him and even ended up betraying her boss for him. The lonely life she've been living for 20 years have changed due to his appearance!

The most tragic scene of the series is definitely Shum Chin-Sum's death! Though I personally think that Kate's acting during that scene might have been a bit overacted, it was still heart breaking to feel what she felt when she realizes Prince Yin betrayed her. My heart ached for her character.

Kate Tsui as Wong Chor-Chor
Kate plays two roles in here, one is the sly Shum Chin-Sum and the other is the innocent, Wong Chor-Chor. I admit Kate have gotten better with innocent roles, but still need to work on them more....though it's mainly because of her eyes. Still, I did like her role as Wong Chor-Chor....though I still prefer Shum Chin-Sum more and was extremely sad to see her missing from the screen during the last 1/3 of the series =(

Kate really have good luck with costumes. If you guys remember her look in The Four, I absolutely adored her costume!! And in here, the costume is also somewhat similar and beautiful.

Something that upsetted me about this role is how she never really shared any scenes with her "original lover" Ngo Siu-Fu (Michael Tse)! It was actually really sad to see how she could not see him in the beginning and how she always held onto their hairpin...But it's all over when Prince Yin appeared. I actually wished that she would still have some feelings for Ngo Siu-Fu when they met again...but oh wells, she would have been heart broken anyways because he loved Princess Wing-Yeung. I did like how they wrapped up their story...when she finally met him again, and indirectly told him that she's already over him (using her sister). Settled ending...

Michael Tse as Ngo Siu-Fu
I know he's a good guy.....but 4 woman fell in love with him!? Princess Wing-Yeung (Elanne Kong), Wong Chor-Chor (Kate Tsui), Fu Siu-Kiu (Sire Ma)....and I'm also assuming the girl played by Grace Wong? Aiya...just don't know what to say to this :P

Back to him...I actually preferred the casanova Ngo Siu-Fu over the "nice" one. It was really interesting to see how heartless he was in the first episode...and that was what sparked my interest for the series. Sadly that only lasted for a few episodes...and that kinda brought down teh series for me. And in the turnout, Michael is the least enjoyable series to watch. I didn't hate him but nor did I like him so much. I hope for tvb to give a casanova role again, because he was quite good in it ;)

Sammul Chan as Ma San-Bao
I loved him! Smart, strategic, caring, thoughtful, awesome kung fu skills and cute ;) But in the end...tragic that he's an eunuch =( For the whole time, I was totally rooting for him and Princess Wing Yeung (Elanne Kong) to be together! I thought the were the cutest couple in the whole series! (Extra: the kids actors that played them were absolutely adorable too!) Too bad that he's nothing more than a brother to her. It broke my heart whenever I see him sad...

Beside Princess Wing Yeung there is also Gaowa (Macy Chan), and I'll talk more about them in her character section =)

What else to talk about? Not only the love interests' relationship, there is also his relationship with Prince Yin. Prince Yin took Ma San-Bao in since we was small, but he did not treat him as a servant for raised him up as his right hand man. At first...they did think each other as servant and boss....but Prince Yin found out they were more than that. To him, Ma San-Bao is like his best friend whom he could trust no matter what. It was really touching when Prince Yin told him that he is no longer a servant...and that he is "free." Ma San-Bao can now do whatever he wants...and he will be the one who'll controling his own life from now on. From that day on, they appreciated each other even more.

Elanne Kong as Princess Wing-Yeung
Elanne was really cute in this series and I did enjoy watching her. But like Ngo Siu Fu (Michael Tse), her character wasn't as interesting as it could be....but honestly nothing more to say.

Joel Chan as Kin-Man Emperor
He's a compassionate guy but is not the right kind of person to be an emperor. When you think of an emperor, you think power, leadership and fairness. What he lacked to become an emperor is the power. The issue here is that he's just too nice and trusts people way to much.

the major thing though, is that he let his emotions overrule the order. For example, Prince Yin locked up Chor-Chor (Kate Tsui) when she knew about his secret even though he loved her. He did that because he knew that he can't put his personal life over his whole army/state. Kin-Man on the other hand did not...he thought more of himself than the country. I guess the reason for that is because he was still young and still yet have to learn that the world does not always do everyone justice. Cruel but that's just what what reality is.

(funny that my teacher says the same thing. She says everybody have to suffer in life and told us (students) that me may not experience it yet...but we will somehow suffer in the future. Yah..way to boost up our enthusiasm :P)

The Younger Generation Ladies

Macy Chan as Gaowa
I adored Macy's outfit so much!! It reminded me of Gigi Lai's outfit in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000! Though her role wasn't much in here, it was still nice to see Macy around. I thought she was really cute with Ma San-Bao (Sammul Chan) but could only think them more like friends and even as brother and sisters. Though it was really sweet how Gaowa told Ngo siu-Fu (Michael Tse) that even though she knows that Ma San-Bao is an eunuch, she will always love him and that being with him is all she wanted. I admire her optimistic personality and simple thinking. She doesn't worry too much and just keep on heading forward....She's probably one of the happiest character in the series.

Sire Ma as Fu Siu-Kiu
I'm beginning to like Sire Ma more and more and is really enjoying her onscreen. At first, you'd probably like Fu Siu-Kiu because she shows a really strong personality and doesn't give in easily. But then you'll begin to dislike her when she tries to make Ngo Siu-Fu stay with her. It makes her look so weak and vulnerable...but then again, it is still acceptable since she probably really wanted somebody to care for her after the tragedy.

At her death scene...I thought it was terribly sad and did cried for her. One the other hand though, how she confess to Ngo siu-Fu and Princess Wing Yeung was a bit unrealistic (or is the lines just too cliche :P)

I've seen some filming pics of Sire Ma and Pierre Ngo for River Wine and is looking forward to seeing her in there ;)

Skye Chan as Princess Yin
She plays as Prince Yin's wife and surprisingly...was not that bad. I've never seen her before but I like her already. Her character is strong and is always staying beside Prince Yin no matter what. She really understands him and knows how to care for him. It was really sad to see her lose her baby...and not to mention, twice too. I would like to see more of Skye in the future now =)

Leung Ka Kei as Ma Yan Wai
Though I heard that not many people like her acting, I did not mind Leung. It was good that she also got a strong character to support her though. But I do have some critisms. As an empress, I felt that she was missing this "aura"...that gives her the sense of power (this goes the same for Joel Chan). But maybe that is due to her age of becoming the queen. Still, touching to see what she did for her husband and the country. Especially the scene where she tied up Princess Wing Yeung (Elanne Kong) and no matter how much it pained her, she would not let the princess go. Unlike her husband (Joel Chan), she knows what she have to do to keep order and is considerably a good queen. Though she can be too naive sometimes.

Yoyo Chen as Luk Yuen-Ting and Assassin
Though there was not much scene of Yoyo, she still played the role beautifully. Lately, her acting have gotten better and better and have been seeing her in more series now. Yoyo looks gorgeous in her ancient costume and was really compatible with Joel Chan. It was so sad when I thought that she had returned...but instead turned out to be an imposter and got killed :S

Grace Wong as Ngo siu Fu's childhood friend
I forgot her character's name....was it firefly girl or something? Anyways, I quite like Grace Wong. I think she was really cute in the character and use to her hideous wig :P Aiya...that wig D; I liked Grace and hope to see for more of her in future series x)

Most Beautiful Scenery....

Everybody just have to agree that this is the most beautiful scene of the entire series! I love how they're out in an open grass field...and added a few purple flowers to make the scene's beauty stand out. The effects in this scene is awesome!

For a thief's den, this one is absolutely gorgeous! Lols I always have this things with lanterns...and this scene is full of them! Simply beautiful ;)

I love how the lantern is featured. Just a single light in the dark sky =) The moon is also very beautiful! It created a very romantic feeling xD

Random Cute Scene:
The sweetest scene between them...and this scene is the reason why I wanted them to end up together. Poor Sammul...=(


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