February Layout!

New banner featuring Ron, Ray, Kate and Mandy.....requested by our Guessing Game winner, Anonymous =)

I hope you guys all like this! It is based on the theme, vampire!

Join the next round to get the chance to choose the next banner =)

btw ALMOST done the review for No Regrets xD Really close!


Rachel said...

ooh!! nice banner!!! :D i like! though i wished tavia was included hahaha and ray's eyes look a little bit too creepy hahah

2as1 said...

i cant wait til next round of the game!!

LynneD. said...

@Rachel: Haha, I see a FungYi fan there xD That's what I love about Ray's eyes ;) Can't wait to see his series!

@2as1: haha, ok! ;)

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