A Fistful of Stances Overview

Anticipation and Outcome
Before the series released, I've told everybody that I was really looking forward to it. What were the reasons though? 70% was because of Kenneth's and Selena's pairing, and 30% was because of Natalie Tong. They sure did not disappoint me and even succeeded my expectation.
Since the year of 2010, I have not really enjoyed any series, so I honestly did not expect much from Fist's storyline. To my surprise though, I've grown to love the series very much. It definitely resembles Moonlight Resonance, as I've stated before, but in my opinion, exceeded MR.

Natalie Tong
This series have made me love Natalie more and more! I applause tvb for giving her this role because she truly shined during the whole series. Her character went through alot of misfortunes. She was abandoned as a kid and was taken in by Tavia Yeung.
The series began to focus more on her in episode 7 and onwards. Natalie's always the obedient kid in the family and everybody seems to love her, but in my opinion, also the kid who suffered the most. I was scared for her every time Eric stalked her, and was really afraid that she won't be able to stand up again after she got raped. It was extremely emotional for me when she walked out into the crowd (because of Kenneth), and decided to stand up against Dominic and Eric. I was proud of her character and looked forward to how her character's going to handle it.
I really wish that tvb is going to begin to promote Natalie.......and an award this year? Most Improved would be the category I'd nominate her in ;)

Memorable Scenes of her..........
*Her holding onto the rope of the boat to prevent Kevin from leaving.
*She saying good-bye to everyone in the family before she hanged herself.
*The scene in the hospital where she told everyone what happened to her.
*The scene where she stepped out into the crowd and told her that she won't let Eric go free.
*When Kevin went up on stage to fight, she was afraid that he'll get hurt and only hide behind the wall.
*In the last episode when she was finally rescued. Everybody surrounded her and wanted to feed her. Haha, that part was so cute xD

Kenneth Ma
This guy had the wit and smile that makes everybody love and respect him. Kenneth was the perfect guy to play the role of Ah Tong. He surprised me every time he manages to solve a problem in just a split second. I'm proud of tvb for presenting this character to us. It's been quite a while since I've fell in love with a character^ He's always the guy who you can trust upon and is always there when you need him. Just like Natalie and Selena =D

His charming attitude towards Selena was adorable and I really hoped for them to have more screen time. I really like the way how their relationship develop. Kenneth just started of as a simple patient that Selena found annoying, but as he began to bother her more and more, their friendship began to develop.

I was really happy that they still remained as friends even though their family were enemies. They were both there for each other when something happens. I find that even though they both have different opinions, they still grew closer and closer rather then growing apart =)

Selena Li
I'm glad that her doctor character didn't follow Linda Chung's footsteps in MR. Her character is much stronger. Already stated above, she and Kenneth was super adorable together! As Dominic's daughter, alot of pressure was on her. Luckily, there was Kenneth there to lend her a shoulder. I was a bit surprise when she wanted to jump of the cliff but luckily she thought it through.

Hehe....the last scene of Kenneth and Selena was so cute! I thought (Kenneth also thought the same....) that Selena was going to kiss him but she just said his mouth stinks :P Lols that was adorable. Poor Kenneth :P

Kevin Cheng
Much lesser screentime then I even expected. Of course I didn't really mind that cause Kenneth got more screentime because of that =) I think that Kevin had improved in here since he was in Beyond. His character isn't the most interesting but it was decent. I find that he really cares for Natalie and was happy that he didn't end up with Nancy.

Yuen Chau
I thought there was something missing from Yuen Chau. It's hard to explain but I can just say I felt really little for her character. Maybe because I haven't watched her before (beside in KungFu Hustle......wish I absolutely loved!) I don't have much to say about Yuen Chau beside in one scene. The scene where she walked through the door while Kevin was saying how Kenneth never did anything for their father. That's the first.......and maybe the only scene that I really saw soemthing in her character.

Kara Hui
I absolutely loved her in here! She's a wonderful actress, espeacially her in her crying scenes. She's a caring mother who only wants the best for her children and she really loves Dominic too. I could tell she's a kind-hearted person but only did bad things because of Dominic. I felt extremely sorry for her when he decided to send her to the mental hospital.

After that, I wondered if Dominic really loved Kara? I do think he does. The feeling of revenge against the Chus kinda blinded Dominic and that's why I think he hurt Kara. In the end, during their last family dinner.............it surprised me that Kara went insane. And seeing the pain on Dominic face told me that he regretted for what he did.

Tavia Yeung
Tavia Yeung plays as the younger version of Yuen Chau. It was extremely sad to see her loose one of her sons on the train. And again when Dominic framed her and wanted to send her into the mental hospital. Beside being the younger version of Yuen Chau, Tavia is also the braver version of the character.

Dominic is described as the main villain in the series but for me, Eric Li was the scary one. Eric showed of a creepy/scary aura around him, while Dominic was more 'settled'. He wasn't as creepy as Eric. With his eyes and shiny, bald head.......and his singing......he seriously creep me out.

During the flashbacks in the first couple of episodes, the parts where they talked about Dominic, I didn't found him that evil. I just found him hard headed and someone who think too highly of himself. At the same time, I find the 2nd wife to be the annoying one :P
Dominic's suicide was unexpected for me, I thought he'd only go insane. Though it was a surprise, I did like it =) Better than just turning good.

Rams Tseung
I'm really loving this guy right now. He surprised me in Safe Guards, A Great Way to Care, Beyond the Realm of Conscience and yet again in here =) He's a guy who listens to everything his wife says (Angela Tong) because he felt that he was in debt to her. As a KungFu lover, he stopped it because of Angela. I was surprised and sad of his ending. Angela didn't cherished him and ended up regretting it.

Angela Tong
One of my favourite supporting actress, I did like her in here. Though her character is selfish, but she's quite a business woman. I just wished that she could've had a happy ending with Rams.....

Nancy Wu - Eh.....over thinks thing. If she didn't try to get rid of Natalie, she would've actually gotten Kevin.
Shirley Yeung - her role is much smaller in here than I had expected. I don't really like her in here and during her laughing scenes, I find it a little bit exaggerated.
Alex Lam - Sometimes abit exaggerated but alright. Haha, the part where he fell into the cow's poo was hilarious :P Though I must say the jokes and stuff from his siblings at that time went a bit to far.....
Stephen Au - Another I don't have a comment on.......he was cute when he and Alex tries to spy on Angela though =)

Family Fun =D
Above.........one of my favorite scene ever!! Lols it was so funny. the uncle was so mad at them but when he saw them dressing up as girls, he started singing with them =D I love the uncle so much!! Brings the joy and humor to the family ;)
Rather than a humorous one, this one is quite touching. Because Yuen Chau refused to have an operation, all the kids did something that made her agree to the operation. Quite a touching scene.

Final thoughts
I remember I voted for Kenneth and Natalie in the poll^^ Haha, Kenneth is quite popular isn't he? Maybe it's just me but I think Kenneth always get lovable roles xD

This is a definitely must watch series of the year! Even though it did start of a bit slow in the beginning, this series was definetly worth your time. My sister who said that this seies looked boring and only will watch it with vietnamese subs, ended up watching most of the series at night in eng subs. Haha, my sister was really into this series. I've also heard from someone else....that she found the series slow at first but ended up finishing it in 4 days!!

So yah, definitely worth watching ;)

Ghost Writer trailer 3

Click--- TRAILER

Omg! I'm super excited for this! It's looking really good. I like Sunny's evil 'look'. I'm really wondering about the love triangle right now. Wonder how this series going to end......

Going Camping.......xD

Since the year began, I've been waiting for this class fieldtrip! I'm going camping for around 3 days. Gone Wed, Thurs......coming back on Fri afternoon. Also going to my friend's recital on saturday, so I won't be posting for the next.......5 days ^^; I've been checking the weather for where I'm camping, and apparently it's suppose to rain on WED and THURS. Crossing my fingers and hoping it won't!!!! Honestly though, even if it did rain..........I have a feeling it's going to be fun(ner) :P lols I don't mind rain xD

Recently.....MOL had just released too!!! I know some people have already started....so I can't wait to start on it myself!!

I love the pics of Jessica. Those pics came from an article stating that she really thinks highly of Tavia Yeung and Nancy Wu!! Article I was super happy to hear that =) I love both Tavia and Nancy! Beside that though, when I saw the pics of Jessica.........it reminded me of these pics of Tavia :/ (Maybe cause of their pose?) I also remember some pics of Nancy that's also like Jessica but can't find them! Took me so long just to find the Tavia pic.

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang’s Complex Characters in “Rosy Business 2″


TVB’s recent series have not received any outstanding ratings nor praise. Highly anticipated by many people Rosy Business 2- The Righteous Sea of Heroic Love<巾幗梟雄之義海豪 情> will be the last collaboration between ratings magnet duo, Producer Lee Tim Sing and Script Editor, Cheung Wah Biu.

Recently, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung and Sheren Tang Shui Man have been busy filmingRosy Business 2. Many scenes will focus on Wayne and Sheren’s one-on-one interaction. Sheren revealed, “In Rosy Business 2, Wayne and my character have an intricate love relationship. In the series, we spend many nights together and there are numerous memorable and moving scenes. If our characters from the first Rosy Business came across as a courageous pair, then this time in Rosy Business 2, there will be more courageous and righteous love demonstrated.” Rosy Business 2 will also delve deeper into romantic arcs, producing another viewership attraction.

Rosy Business was a big winner in 2009; Wayne and Sheren’s characters gave the audience a remarkable, lasting impression. However, the romantic story between Wayne and Sheren’s characters was underdeveloped. Producer Lee took into account the audience’s preferences and have increased focus on Wayne and Sheren’s romance in Rosy Business 2, while featuring the majority of the original cast.

Wayne spoke of his turbulent relationship with Sheren in Rosy Business 2, “Absorbing the experience of our last collaboration, our romance will develop early in the series. Our characters will experience many challenges together. Since the backdrop takes place during World War II, the story will be more three-dimensional. In our mutual scenes thus far, Sheren and I have great chemistry together.”

Sheren added, “In Rosy Business 2, our characters seek each other out each time there are troubling problems to discuss. I do not treat Wayne’s character well. I take advantage of him and also leave him behind. However, each time I call him, he will appear by my side. The script is written quite well. In addition to love , there is also friendship. Through each shared experience, our feelings grow for each other. There are many emotionally moving scenes!”

Both Wayne and Sheren appeared to have visibly lost weight for their roles in Rosy Business 2. Sharing frequent scenes with thin co-stars, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin and Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Wayne felt the need to lose weight. Otherwise, his overweight physique may astound the audience! Sheren also said that Fala Chan and Nancy Wu Ding Yan were both very slender. Aside from the mentally challenging roles, both Wayne and Sheren had to struggle to keep fit. Wayne added, “During the Japanese occupation, many people were very poor. Since my character is not well off, how can I display excess weight? In the first Rosy Business, I was a hungry villager, but I had no time to lose weight for the role. Now, I have already lost seven or eight pounds. For midnight snacks, I usually drink soup or eat fruit and a small amount of cookies.”

Whose Role is More Difficult to Play?


Sheren’s character, “Ninth Sister,” is an opportunist with ties to the mafia and drug trade. She will also be a spy and traitor. Sheren’s character’s values conflict directly with Wayne’s police officer character, who is full of integrity and loyalty. Rosy Business 2 is the last collaboration between Producer Lee Tim Sing and Script Editor, Cheung Wah Biu. TVB management, along with the cast and crew have placed utmost importance upon executing this series well.

Wayne said, “We are really looking forward to releasing this series quickly. Since Rosy Business had good results last time, the cast and crew are trying very hard to do their best. Many behind-the-scenes production staff fought to participate in Rosy Business 2, so the morale is very good. The results should turn out well. As a righteous police officer, there are few changes on the surface. However, the character runs into numerous conflicts and turmoil; there are many scenes delving into the character’s psychology. I do not fully know how to portray this role yet, so there is some pressure. This role is more difficult to play than ‘Chai Kau’ from Rosy Business, which was a relatively simple role. Perhaps it truly is more difficult to portray a good person!”

Among her roles to-date, Sheren said that her “Ninth Sister” character in Rosy Business 2was extremely difficult to portray. “The complexity of the character, along with her turbulent nature, is highly difficult to portray. The pressure is greater than what I experienced while acting in Rosy Business. I have to follow the script closely this time. If I can convey the nuances of ‘Ninth Sister,’ I am already very happy.”

Accidental Knee Injury

As a police officer, “Sing Gor,” Wayne had to film numerous action and chasing scenes. On the day of the media’s visit on set, Wayne twisted his leg while attempting to ride a bicycle. He cried out in pain and clenched his teeth in the immediate re-take. It took two attempts to successfully complete the scene. After he returns home, he will rub his leg with some herbal tonic, as there will be future action scenes to film. For his “Sing Gor” character, Wayne will wear many long suit jackets. Wayne was teased that his look was quite sharp, but we should call Wayne “handsome man” instead due to his successful weight loss.


Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2166
Credits: Jaynestar

More pics of the series from Wayne's Blog

Thoughts: Love that piece of news! Their characters in here seems even better than before xD Sheren as a drug dealer sounds super interesting. Looking forward to the 2 collaboration again! I'm still not use to Fala's wig though....