Rosy Business Characters

I really admire Po Kei (Sheren Tang) in here. She is always strong and is always determine on the choice she makes. My favourite scene of her is probably when she know that Pit Man (Peirre Ng) was the one who murdered Chai Kau (Wayne Lai), but she can't bring herself to report him. It was probably the scene she is the weakest in since she was so strong in all of her other ones, but that is why I think this scene was the most special. Technically saying though, I shouldn't use the word strong, but unselfish. She tend to think of everybody and fairness, but because of her husband, she was selfish for once.

Chai Kau (Wayne Lai) is just a poor farmer, but he has an extradinary talent as to think what others can't. In the beginning, he started out as a very selfish person and will do anything to survive, but since he met Po Kei (Sheren Tang), he had become a very nice person. The thing that I like about Chai Kau (Wayne Lai) is his loyalty. He is always there for Po Kei (Sheren Tang) whenever there is trouble and always help her, but there is also a point of him that I don't like. I don't like how he always do things before thinking of the consequence, but overall I did really like his character.

My favourite scene of his was probably when Pit Man (Pierre) and the first wife tried to bribe him, but he still stood up for Po Kei (Sheren). His speech was very touching too! I remembered that he said how holding the house keys isn't a blessing, but just a burden. At first, I didn't think he would stood up for Po Kei (Sheren) and was definitely surprised when he did.

Pit Ching (Ron Ng) in here was really cute, but not exactly an outstanding character. I really like his character though^^ Even though first time seeing him, I thought he was just a spoiled rich kidswho play around all day, but I was wrong. He doesn't like to work in the family business but gets along with everyone in there and no what's right from wrong. Always being tricked by Yau Man (Suki Tsui), you could tell he is very kind hearted.

My favourite scene of him is probably all the scenes he have with Suki. I thought they were really cute in here, even though there relationship didn't have muchtime to develop. Throughout the whole series, there is one drama after another, but only when it get to their part that it isn't too intense.

Yau Man (Suki Tsui) was really cute in here^^ I really love her outfit and hairstyle. Even though she played as a trickster (I don't know what's it called), she is kind-hearted and I also like it when she tricks Pit Ching (Ron Ng) ^^. I thought the part where she and her mother got arrested was real, but in the end it was only to fool Pit Ching (Ron) into getting money. I was like "what the????" at that time. It was atually kind of unbelievable but I didn't mind that much because Pit Ching (Ron) looked so funny after he found out^^

At first, I wouldn't say I like Nancy's character that much, but in the end, I really liked her. She plays this flirtious girl, who is Pang Hang's women and likes to play around with Chai Kau (Wayne Lai). I didn't like her at that time, but liked her in the second half of the series. At the end, you could tell that she truly loved Chai Kau (Wayne) and would always stay by his side even though she know that the person he love wasn't her.


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