Over Run Over: Vincent Wong's and Tracy Chu's Confessions

(Long overdue post and more to come cause I absolutely fell in love with this drama haha)

Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu is absolutely adorable together!  Their relationship did not reach its romantic point until the last few episodes, but it did not feel rushed at all.  From foes to friends and then into something more, I personally really liked how their relationship spanned out through the series and how it remained on the sideline without distracting the overall plot.  Despite that though, their romance became the most touching element of the series.  It's been awhile since tvb managed to tug my heart like how they did in Over Run Over and lets say, I am genuinely surprised.

Vincent isn't perfect, like k-drama perfect but he still caught my heart and obviously, Tracy's as well.  The two started off as bickering enemies but was forced to work together to find the black cop.  As the two work together, Tracy is beginning to see him more than a friend:
Tracy: Yes, he has a foul mouth, is sneaky and messy...but he also have a kind heart. He is very good to his brothers, a filial son, a devoted man. Because of you, he is willing to do anything. He has given up a lot. Men like him are rare nowadays, if you've found him, you shouldn't let go. 
Christine: If you say he's that great, why don't you take him. 
Tracy: If I have a boyfriend like him, I will definitely cherish him.
The level of awkwardness that Tracy is feeling...7/10.  It's an indirect confession haha.

Tracy's engagement day and Vincent sent her a necklace as an engagement gift.  The necklace is the one that day spotted at a shop before where the clerk mistook them for a couple.

First off may I say that Tracy looked amazing in the white dress!!  She is super pretty!!  It's rare to see her smile cause she is always so grumpy in here, but she smiled so happily when she saw the necklace :)

Since she sensed that Vincent is in danger, she headed over to him instead of her engagement party.  During the conflict with the black cop, an explosive knocked Vincent and Tracy down.  In critical condition, Tracy hauled Vincent back to the power lines before the midnight in order to travel back in time and save him.  On the way back, she reveals how important he is to her.

Back to day 1 (time travelled back), Vincent ran straight to Tracy to tell her he loves her.

This is probably one of the cutest scene, especially since he ran to her in his pyjamas :D The smile on Tracy's face was so genuine and expressed how much she loves him.  Haha they're both adorable together.

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Anonymous said...

I just finished this series, it's brilliant!!
I totally agree with you, the cutest scene was the morning after, when fan-ge-lap saved him after the explosion, and he ran straight to her and declared his love for her.

Would you have a short clip of that scene?

Madonaldo said...
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