Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain - Tao Fa and Cau Yu

I am super behind!! I've only managed to watch up to episode 8 and even though I think the story was somewhat stale at first, my interest for it has came back after watching the brothel case. The first case that they had involved the fireball and explosions. That case really resembled the case from Esther's and Bobby's "Always and Ever", thus did decrease my interest but I am happy I continued.

Right now, one of the reasons I'm continuing to watch the series is because of Selena Li. I love her Tao Fa so much! While the character is quite OTT, her liveliness and simplistic nature is quite adorable. I initially think I'd become annoyed but right now, Tao Fa's one of my favourite characters from the show.

Tao Fa is freaking out about her husband's dangerous job and started panicking about how they have no heir yet.  It is so cute though how she suddenly calms down when her husband told her that he's Guanyin's godson and therefore he'll be protected.  There are times that Tao Fa would go beserk but at the same time, if a solution is given to her, she will not over worry and just go with it.  Haha I like that about Tao Fa because her thoughts are simple and she is also so optimistic.

I didn't know that Yoyo Chen was going to be in here!?  She's so beautiful in ancient costumes!!  And so is Jess Sum ;D

Yoyo Chen plays as Cau Yu, Cheung Sing's (Kenneth Ma) former lover.  She came from a prestigious family and fell in love with Cheung Sing when he was still a bodyguard.  The two were suppose to elope but for some reason, Cheung Sing never came and Cau Yu later on became a prostitute.  It sucks that they didn't explain more behind Cau Yu's reason for being a prostitute.  She said that she willingly became one because Cheung Sing broke her heart but that felt kind of forced.

Either way, so sad that her character had so little to do and omg....I just want to squish Cheung Sing's head.  He's such a jerk for using Cau Yu to solve his case!!!  Honestly from what was shown, it wasn't even NEEDED for him to use Cau Yu and his extreme treatment (also an act to fool Cau Yu) towards Tao Fa because right after that scene, they jumped right into the ending of the case anyway.  I feel like the producer/scriptwriter just wanted to be was pointless in my opinion.

Haha Tao Fa's expression!


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