[Thoughts] The Ultimate Addiction - Introduction

Nancy looks too mature compared to Bosco?  A little.  

I've fallen behind "Never Dance Alone" but have at least managed to watch 3 episodes of The Ultimate Addiction.  So what do you guys think of it so far?

The Likes: 

"Test" by Fred Cheng:  I am very glad that Fred got to sing another themesong.  He've got such a great voice right?  Aside from that, the song is quite catchy and it has been on my repeat list ;D

Bosco Wong: I've seen complaints about his bright red suit but to be honest, I actually quite like it haha.  It's been awhile since I've seen him back onscreen, so I am really enjoying seeing Bosco right now.  His character as the young and uprising financial talent is the most interesting to watch so far.  I think Bosco will be suitable in this kind of role.

Others I am enjoying onscreen would include MC Jin, Jazz Lam and Nancy Wu but no comment since they haven't have much screentime.

The Dislikes:
Sharon Chan as the CCB Inspector:  For some reason, the more series I watch of Sharon, the more I just don't want to see her onscreen.  Personally, I think her acting has become too pretentious for my liking.

Kate Tsui: I don't know what happened to Kate but she looks dazed most of the time.  Maybe she's trying to be mysterious?  I dunno but I don't like what I've been seeing so far.

Final Thoughts:  From what I've seen so far, I think I'll be giving this series a pass.  Quite unfortunate since I was really looking forward to seeing Bosco but meh, I can't stand the female casts right now haha.  If you guys think that it's better later though, tell me.


Anonymous said...

It gets worse later if you like Bosco's character because he will have limited screentime and you'll be desperately want him to have more screentime. In fact the HK audiences officially complained to TVB about this. The storyline is also slow and boring. The other characters are all meh and likewise, the more I watch Sharon the more I don't want to watch her onscreen too. She's a screen polluter.

lynne said...

@Anonymous: haha so I guess it's the right decision to drop the series then. Maybe I'll watch "A Change of Heart" instead. I haven't watch that yet.

Rachel said...

gooo watch change of heart!!! i reallyy liked it! one of my favorite ones from last year! :D haha

but i can't compare to TUA since i haven't started watching it yet haha

miriamfanz said...

I agree with you on Kate and Sharon in this series... This drama has been a disappointment so far. Yes, you'd be better off watching A Change of Heart instead

lynne said...

thanks guys. I guess I'll get started on A Change of Heart then. haha

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