Gilded Chopsticks Thoughts Ep1-7

I am not very good with history so while many is talking about the historical background of the characters, I have nothing to say myself.  So I'll just stick to what is being told in the series.

I've also added in some of the scenes I found funny :)

Tin Po: I can't stand wide-eyed, short barbarians with a hoarse voice!
Lei Wai: Master Tin Po, that description actually fits you as well...
Here's a quick summary to kick things off:
Prince Yinzhen (Ben Wong) befriends a commoner named Ko Tin Po (Wong Cho Lam) when he was trying to find someone who can cook salted-fish buns for the emperor.  Impressed by Tin Bo's culinary skills, Yinzhen tried to pursaude him to work for the palace but Tin Po refused after hearing Mr. Wu's deviation.  Mr Wu (Ram Chiang), a Chinese doctor and scholar, warned Tin Bo that if he enter the palace he will be doomed as a slave for food (basically a bad omen) and may even lose his life.  If you're wondering why Tin Po is so superstitious to let this once in a lifetime chance go, it's because in the past he didn't listen to a deviation and he believe that is the reason why his father was sent to jail and how they also lost their entire family's fortune.

Aside from Tin Bo, Yinzhen also befriends Mo Suet (Joey Meng), a street performer who's also Tin Po's friend.  May I add though that at this point, neither knows that Yinzhen is a prince but instead have mistaken him for a eunuch.  Poor Yinzhen though since he fell in love with Mo Suet at first sight (that is my assumption haha).  To spice things up, Mo Suet is actually in love with Yinsi (Louis Chueng).

I personally really want Mo Suet and Yinsi to end up together, but we know that is not going to happen.  Yinzhen is super sweet but Louis and Joey just look sooooooooo gooooood together!

Lol in this scene, Tin Po got flour all over his body and face.  Lei Wai (Jack Wu) then comes over to clean him up.  The funny thing is that he wiped the flour off every part of his body except for the face.  Cheesy but it made me laugh haha.

Tin Po: Lei them.
Lei Wai: HAHHHH!!  *throws bowl to the ground and rolls up his sleeves*  
Lei Wai speaking in the most stereotypical feminine speech: You two are naughty indeed.  Getting in the way of our business.  You fatso and you fool!  Stop clowning around or I'll slap you on the hand!
Lei Wai: Master, don't pick expensive stuff!  We are short of money!
Tin Po: Don't shout out we're poor!
Lei Wai yells back: I got it! I won't shout out "we are poor"!
Tin Po: Good!
Tin Po: Before I go, Mr Wu, do you have any advice for me?
Mr Wu: I have some words for you.
Tin Po: Please go ahead.
Mr Wu: Weal or woe, there is no avoiding it.
Tin Po: Mr Wu, since we met, this is the first time you've talked nonsense.
For a palace drama, it can never suffice without either A, a cat fight or B, the duel for the throne!  In Gilded Chopsticks, the princes is separated into two groups.  One is the Crown Prince (Power Chan) and Yinzhen/4th Prince.  The other consists of Yinsi/8th Prince (Louis Cheung), Yintang/9th Prince (Derek Wong), Yin E/10th Prince (Matthew Ko) and Yin Ti/14th Prince (Owen Cheung).  During the struggle for power, the Crown Prince made a grave mistake and was stripped of his title.  Thus the title of 'Crown Prince' is now up for grabs!

While all the other princes is joyful about the situation, Yinzhen still felt very sorry for his brother but also know that the treason the Crown Prince committed cannot be forgiven.  Though I don't like Yinzhen's passiveness, especially because he always give into the Crown Prince, I did like their relationship and found the last scene that they shared to be very touching.  The Crown Prince is definitely not a likeable character but at the same time, I do pity him because like he said, everyday he lived with fear because of his status as the 'Crown Prince'.  One who doesn't understand may find the title glorious but to him, everybody was targeting everything he did and all his brothers were looking forward to his downfall.  That is a pretty depressing life to live.

Acting wise, I didn't like how Power Chan moves his hand around alot.  It kinda frustrates me seeing him do that.  On the other hand though, his emotional scenes in episode 6 were really well done!

Mr. Wu: I am sure it was dim and the moon was masked that night.
Tin Po: It sure was dark and so romantic! Mr Wu, some divination!
Mr. Wu: It's deduction. Or else Miss Nian wouldn't have chatted with you for so long.
Siu Yu: You are a man, your career should come first. Don't waste time on meaningless things.
Tin Po: I am not an ambitious man, I put love before career.
After all the drama in episode 6, the next one talks about how the Emperor personally went to Tin Po's restaurant and asked him to come to work in the Palace.  In order to pursuade Tin Po, he also gave him an immunity badge that will save his life if he were ever to be endangered.  Tin Po was honoured and agreed to go.  Another reason he went, I suppose, is to find a way to impress Miss Nian (Nancy Wu), who he has a crush on.  Lei Wai and his mentor, Mai Siu Yu (Stephanie Ho), also join along.

FYI Miss Nian is in love with Siu Yu (who's a woman disguised as a man).

Tin Po: For Miss Nian, I can't give up.
Siu Yu: Miss Nian again? I thought you had put her behind.
Tin Po: Putting her behind and giving up are two different things.
Siu Yu: How is it different?
Tin Po: You can pick up what you've put behind.
Lei Wai: what about giving up?
Tin Po: I don't have to answer that
Some criticize Wong Cho Lam's acting but I find him hilarious.  I love the way he says his line (his sarcastic tone) and his facial expressions.  I'm also happy to see Jack Wu here!  Lei Wai is just an adorable side kick!

So what do you think of the series so far?!  Leave a comment on the post or in the's getting so lonely around here lately :P


miriamfanz said...

I'm loving the series so far! I obviously like the historical aspect, but I think there's a good mix of comedy. I wish Joey will end up with Louis too

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