Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!! - Graphics and MVs

WHOOO!!!! Merry Christmas everybody!!!  Can't believe that 2013 is going to end already!  Everything is just going to fast!  Anyways, enjoy the holidays with your family and munch down all those goodies like turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing or anything else!  Gotta love munching ;D

For MissyCupcakes@
In your recent post you listed Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong as one of your fav pairings, so hopefully you'll like this surprise :)  It's great getting to talk to you this year, even though we've both been blogging for awhile already haha

For Ginny@
Here ya go! Hehe hope you like it and if you wanna keep it as a banner later on too, I'll edit out the 'Merry Christmas' later on ;)  So glad to see you back, you're on a blogging roll! haha

For Rachel
Fred Cheng!!!  Just found out this morning that he won Jaynestars' Sexiest Man Alive 2013! lols You're probably excited about that!  Hope you like it :D

For Sharlin@
You didn't say whether you wanted a banner or a poster but since I got some pretty big pictures of RuDa, I did a poster ^-^;  Hope ya like it!! hehe they are so perfect together!

Christmas MVs
Last but not least, I wanted to share some old Christmas MV's I made in the previous years with you guys!!  I've stopped making them cause it is almost impossible to find download links nowadays =.=  So with no new mv's....there will only be old ones :P

Christmas of 2010

Christmas of 2011


Rachel said...

awww thanks Lynne! :) you are so fast! i love it! and yes i was super excited to find out the results! hehehe

Ginny said...

Thank you so much Lynne! :D And haha ok it'd be great if you can edit out the merry christmas, you can just link it on my chatbox or send it to me on twitter whenever you can :) For now, I'll put this up on my blog, hehe :D

sharlin said...

Thanks Lynne!! The poster was so pretty:) was super excited for the results! Would you mind making a banner version one for me? Haha sorry for requesting 1 more present.. You can also change the title to my blog name as I will be putting the banner up for good:) thanks:)

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