Hit the Playlist - Di2Da (Det Dik)'s 無城

Another new feature that I will be writing, "Hit the Playlist" will basically be featuring different songs that I want to share with you guys! English, Korean, Canto, Mando, Vietnamese and all kind of music that is not limited to just TVB. It is also not limited to 'official' singers either, it can be of tvb artistes singing at functions (I will be writing about this ;D).

To add onto that, if you guys want to share a favourite song of yours or a song that you think some other fans here would like to listen to, please do! Simply email me or leave me a comment underneath ;D Really hope that by having some music on the blog will pump up the atmosphere abit? :P So don't forget to leave a comment on what you guys think of the songs that are posted ;)

Song: 無城
Artiste: Di2Da
Composer: Matt Wong
Lyrics Written by: 林日曦
Producer: Matt Wong

To start of the season of spring, I'd like to share "無城" with you guys! I did not expect myself to like the song at first. But after listening to it once, the song’s energetic and happy melody hooked me in. While I do not often favour songs with too much beats, 無城 balances it out well without drowning the singer's voice. The MV is also lively and fitting to the song's atmosphere. Most importantly, it displays what I feel like I should be doing. Since the sun is out again after its winter hibernation (talking about my place), it's time to leave the house and go on some adventures!

Fun Fact:  For those who've watched "Lives of Omission", does the singer look familiar to you?  Haha ;]


Rachel said...

i'm really starting to like di2da and his music!! he has a soothing voice hahaha and he's cute too heheheh

lynne said...

Haha yes :D Have you heard his other song...a duet with another female singer? I quite like that song too. Nice rhythm ;]

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