Women In the Cubicle (格子间女人)

Requested by Anon1, who wanted to see more pictures of Ron Ng and Raymond Wong: Ron have not attended any functions recently (that I know of anyways...beside the one that was a week or so ago), so I decided to post what he's currently up to :)

Women In the Cubicle (格子间女人) is a Mainland series featuring Ron Ng and Tang Yan. Ron is currently filming the series in mainland :D

Synopsis (credits wiki):
Ge Zi Jian is a new type of collective office environment. Every normal white collar worker wishes to leave Ge Zi Jian as quickly as possible and own an office that belongs especially to them - Tan Bin is no exception. She is the backbone of the Sales Department, but because of intense competition within the department, she is pushed to the forefront of the bid. Tan Bin's boyfriend Shen Pei is an artist, with a personality that is the complete opposite of her's. After an unexpected mishap, during the period Shen Pei struggles to stand back up, his past immediate supervisor and current opposition in the bid Chen Rui Min enters Tan Bin's life. However, Tan Bin is hit hard by the continuing defeats on her side of the bid. At the same time, Tan Bin discovers that Chen Rui Min influenced the direction the results went. Just as she decides to leave, she receives the news that Chen Rui Min had been hospitalised. In the end, Tan Bin finds out she had misunderstood Chen Rui Min. Ultimately, Tan Bin decides to redo her MBA qualification, while Chen Rui Min gives up his work in order to always be by Tan Bin's side.

Tang Yan as Cheng Yun
Ron Ng as Chen Rui Min
Li Cheng Xuan (李承炫) as Shen Pei
Mo Xiao Qi as Mini


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