TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Result Thoughts


Best Actor in a Leading RoleWayne Lai (The Confidant)
To be honest, I was a bit taken back that Wayne Lai won!  I initially thought that Kenneth Ma would be taking home this award that night!  Haha.  Anyways, congrats to Wayne for winning is third Best Actor award!  He's on a roll!  hehe :)  Super happy for him!

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Tavia Yeung (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)
Tavia seemed like a sure win to me and congrats to her for winning in the end!  She truly deserves it after all those years of working from cameos to where she is now.  Hopefully though, with this, Tavia will be able to get better roles next year.  I don't like how tvb is pushing her into so many dramatic roles.  Would like to see the comedic side of her (which I think she'll do great in).

Superman or Batman!?  Both are so awesome...this question should be prohibited from being asked :P
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Koo Ming Wa (Divas In Distress)
Breaks my heart that there could only be one winner, either Koo Ming Wah or Power Chan.  In the end, Koo Ming Wah gained the victory and congrats to him for that!  Nothing better than seeing such a great veteran finally getting the recognition he deserves!

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Nancy Wu (Gloves Come Off)
Quite a surprise since I felt that Elena Kong would win, but I support both, so was also very happy that Nancy won the award!  Hope that this will be a stepping stone for her towards leading roles!

My Favorite TV Male Character: Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)
Love you Yat Kin Tau!

My Favorite TV Female Character: Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)
Congrats to Pat! ;)

Most Improved Actor: Oscar Leung (L'Escargot, The Confidant, Tiger Cubs)
Great to see that Oscar was able to receive what he had wanted all along!  Congrats to him and hope to see even more of Oscar next year! hehe

Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong (L'Escargot, The Hippocratic Crush, Tiger Cubs, Divas In Distress)
Thank goodness Tvb gave it to Mandy (none of the others could really compete eh?), since I was afraid that they'll have favoritism over some others.  Hehe in the end, things are all good!  Congrats to Mandy :)

If my jaw could drop as far as Genie's...
Best Series: When Heaven Burns
As one of the lowest rated series this year with so many complaints, When Heaven Burns victory shocked me!  Not to mention it aired back in December!  Blew me away and the picture above of Jafar and Genie perfectly depicts what I felt when I saw WHB's win x)  Overall though, I am happy that it won.  Even though I have only watched bits and pieces, it's one that I can't forget (especially the ending).  Definitely applauding WHB for winning this year's award (not to mention that it was voted by HK citizens too)!

***Coincidentally, the new banner that I made a week ago and is going to be put up in a few days, features Charmaine in When Heaven Burns!  lols I am not guys will see it soon!

Best Programme Host: Maria Leitão
Best Variety Show: Map of Happiness
Best Educational Programme: Pilgrimage of Hope

TVB Lifetime Achievement Award: Liza Wang
Congrats to Liza :)
Sometimes we cry because we're sad, but there are times that we're so happy that we tear up too!  Now for these happy tears, I would not mind having them more often x)
Most Outstanding Artists (5 Winners)
01. Chin Kar Lok
02. Benz Hui
03. Sunny Chan
04. Lee Sing Cheung
05. Dodo Cheng

I did not even know that they had this category!  In the recent years,  I felt that these "pork chop" awards have always been for the 'leads' who've lost out to another category, so I was abit shocked to see the winners list.  Honestly, I teared up a little when I saw the list out of the happiness for the artistes!  It's truly hard for veterans to get recognize nowadays and even if they do, there's really only one category for them (best actress/actor in supporting), which breaks my heart knowing that only one can receive the award per year.  So even though these are 'pork chop awards', I'm so happy that tvb did this and giving them to the respective winners :)  Congrats to all five!  *cyberfive*

OVERALL, pleasantly surprise with the awards this year :)  The results are nowhere as bad as I had initially imagined with the new voting system (for 3 of the awards), and must say, arguably better than what I think tvb would've chosen?  haha I dunno :P


Rachel said...

this is probably the first year in many that i truly feel all winners were deserving of their awards and none was given based on favoritism. though i still believe there are others that are deserving as well, those who did win all deserve it.

i was also moved by the awards given to the under recognized artists. it felt like a sense of hope for tvb and that they'll become a better employer to their workers. haha. really hope this upcoming year will be good for tvb and that they'll step up the work and quality and be ready to compete against CTI hah.

AC said...

I loved the Outstanding Awards part and how they gave it to some underrated people. I think they'll keep it because it seems to have had good feedback, unlike the other pork awards they tend to give lead actors/actresses who lose their category.

I just think it's ironic that they received complaints only for the 3 categories that were voted by the public. lol. I don't think it would have been that bad if TVB had chosen because I still think Tavia would have won although they would have probably given best actor to Raymond.

May said...

Are you going to write up a post commenting on the artiste's fashion and dressing? I hope you do !!

lynne said...

Tvb is definitely stepping up their game :) Next year, I am really hoping that tvb will continue to have a category for those veteran actors...just to raise the whole team spirit. Leads are important, but supporting is equally important as well :D

@AC: totally agree. These may be pork chop awards, but this time around were given to actual deserving people. Giving them to the leads is...honestly, kinda a waste :P

Lols yes. Whatever happens, I think there will be complaints xD For example, I would've argued if Ray won. Though I feel bad for him to lose out every year, I still think he's not up to it yet. Personally feel that Ray's acting is quite lacking in the recent years. Such a pity because I liked him alot back then....

@May: updated it ;)

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