New Faces of 2012 - Kirby Lam

"New Faces of 2012" is a new feature that presents the 'newcomers' that I've come to notice and liked during 2012.  I quote 'newcomers' because they may not actually be newcomers at all, but I just never noticed them before this year.

This first post features a newcomer, Kirby Lam, who I initially thought was Bella Lam but later found out that she wasn't.  (Is it just me or do they really resemble each other?)

I first noticed Kirby in "Ghetto Justice 2" where she played as a pregnant lady and was forced to take drugs by her boyfriend.  For an unfamiliar face, I was quite impress with her scenes especially where she had to act scared.  Still, there are times that Kirby can be quite stiff (mainly when she's just in the background or isn't solely focused on by the camera) but overall, her performance in here definitely gave me a good impression.

After seeing Kirby in "Ghetto Justice 2", I once again spotted her in "Divas in Distress" where she played as Him Law's secretary.  Contrary to the previous role, Kirby's character in here was much more light-hearted to watch.  Her character, Apple, is quite sweet and especially funny to watch whenever Him picked on her.  In particular, I loved the expressions that she gave Him whenever he glared at her.  Though it was a small role, it did give me the chance to see the comedic side of Kirby's acting and left yet another good memory of her.

Looking back at some other series, Kirby was also in Witness Insecurity too wasn't she?  And if I remember correctly, in King Maker too?  Unfortunately though, neither were big enough to really be taken notice of.

In summary, Kirby's one newcomer that I really enjoyed watching this year and do wish to see more of in the near future!  What do you guys think of her?

Next I'll be featuring Ronald Law, who received quite a hefty role in "Witness Insecurity" this year.


miriamfanz said...

Although I don't know who Kirby is, I think this is a cool new feature to introduce us to some newcomers at TVB!

AC said...

I always get her confused with Bella Lam too! haha

I first started taking notice of her because of GJ2 as well and there were also some tabloid stories about her also having to work part time to support her sick mom. I hope she gets more opportunities in the future so that she can earn more money to take care of her family.

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