Merry Christmas Everybody! ( & a little New Year's gift)

It's the time of year again where I'd like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas!!  Hope that you guys are all enjoying the holidays with family and friends.  Nothing better than a great turkey dinner!  I am no big fan of turkey, but stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy are all super duper awesome! :D  hehe anyways, have fun before school or whatever comes back to haunt you again! ;)

New Year's Present
Last year I made graphics for everyone as a Christmas present.  Unfortunately I am a bit late this year.  BUT if you need a banner to kick off 2013, I am doing them as New Years gifts for everybody!  Similar to last year's, here are the basic formats:

*I must admit that I am kinda losing my grasp on photoshop.  So beware!!! haha

General Banners
- size: 470px by 130px  
(but if it needs to be adjusted b/c of forum's restrictions or something, please just tell me :) )
- please provide links to the pictures
- text: created for "your name" from lynne@tvbhorizon & "Welcoming 2013"

Example Banner for General Banners:

For my dear Affiliates/Blogging Pals, if you guys need a new banner for 2013 :D
- size:
- text:  
- pictures or artistes that you want to be featured


Ginny said...

Hi Lynne! I'd like a banner of Missing You, size with width 900, height it doesn't matte (: (Or this size, Im not sure if its in px )

For the pictures, I'm not sure which one would suit the best, but in the ones below, it's fine as long as theres one of Linda, one of Jason and one of them both (:

TVB perspective : welcoming 2013

Thank you in advance!!

Lynne said...

Okies Ginny! I will get it done soon ;)

Grace said...

Hi Lynne!
I'd like a General Banner of Nancy Wu!

Any pictures would be fine, preferably her more recent short hair images, like those in Daddy Good Deeds!

Text: Created for Grace

Thanks so much!

Melon said...

Hi Lynne,
I would like a banner of Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung please. The average size is fine with me.

The text can be: To Melon,

Thanks heaps!

Wendy said...

Hey Lynne,
I would like a banner of all the Linda characters of 2012, so Hailey, Ka-Lok, Yu-Chu, Yuk-yin, Yu-Fung ;D
I want the size to be 851px by 315px.

For pictures I'm not sure you can choose whatever, I trust your awesome skills! :D

The text can b: Created by lynne@tvbhorizon, for Wendy :

Thanks bud! :D

Lynne said...

All requests will be made!!! :D thanks guys!

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