TVB Sales Presentation 2013

Pics credits as labeled.
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I took screencaps (from tungstar) for a few series, but since there were so many...I gave up half way through x) That's why some have the screencaps thingy and some don't. haha.

The Hippocratic Crush II (On Call 36小時 II)
Cast: Lawrence Ng, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Candy Chang, Eliza Sam
Thoughts:  Definitely going to be on my anticipated list for next year ;) 

Transfer of Love Firm (傳愛事務所)
Cast: Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen, Christine Ng, Evergreen Mak, Jason Chan, Matt Yeung, Susan Tse, Sire Ma, Samantha Ko, Lin Xiawei
Thoughts:  Nice casting so far...and omg, Jason is rising so fast!  Was hoping to see Christine Ng somewhere :(

Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon (寒山潛龍)
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Kenny Wong, Aimee Chan, Priscilla Wong
Thoughts:  Doubt that tvb is actually going to film this.

A Good Heart Goes Haywire (好心作怪)
Casts: Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Niki Chow, Vincent Wong, Mandy Wong
Thoughts:  Broke my heart seeing Michael and Niki kissing Q.Q  Bosco ftw!!!  haha.  Either way, really looking forward to this series since it has such a refreshing cast ;)

Rosy Business III (巾幗梟雄3)
Cast: Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Edwin Siu, Natalie Tong, Sire Ma, Eric Li, Susan Tse, Joseph Lee, KK Cheung
Thoughts:  Ugh...debatable.  Not looking forward to it, but I'll still watch it.

Big Wheel ( 巨輪)
Cast: Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Linda Chung, Louise Lee, Kristal Tin, Louis Yuen, Leanne Li, Susan Tse
Thoughts:  Yah!  A major anticipation for next year ;)  Refreshing cast...

Cousin, You Are Good (老表,你好嘢)
Casts: Roger Kwok, Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, Wong Kwong Leung, Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung, Angela Tong
Thoughts:  I am actually pretty excited for this series.  Why?  Roger and Joey!!!  Joey looks so pretty!!  I'm also eager to see what Wong Cho Lam came up with ;)  Hope that it'll be entertaining!

Sniper Attack 2013 (神槍狙擊2013)
Cast: Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Eddie Cheung, Kathy Chow, Alice Chan
Thoughts:  Kathy Chow AND Alice Chan!!  Not to mention Eddie Cheung too!  Hopefully tvb spent enough budget on it like they did for Tiger Cubs ;)

Food For Slaves (食為奴)
Cast: Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Nancy Wu, Benjamin Yuen, Susan Tse
Thoughts:  Reminds me of Happy Ever After (which was a great series...with delicious looking food!).  Eh I want it to film, but not as the same time since....I now fear tvb's ancient series (the comedies) :P  Either way, don't think tvb will film it....

Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate (情逆三世緣)
Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan, Ben Wong, JJ Jia, Christine Kuo, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Rebecca Zhu
Thoughts:  *tears of happiness*  Bobby and Esther reunites!  I think I'm anticipating for this one the most!

A Great Way To Care II (仁心解碼2)
Casts: Alex Fong, Tavia Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Edwin Siu, Christine Kuo
Thoughts:  They killed off Monkey (Kate Tsui)....but because of the addition of Yoyo Mung, I'm watching it ;)

One-Sided Love Twins (單戀雙城)
Cast: Aimee Chan, Lin Xiawei, Tony Hung
Thoughts:  Please tell me that they're not really filming this.......I like how this is on an island, but eh.  Not interesting.


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