The Confidant Thoughts - Episode 01/02

So I just started on the first two episodes of The Confidant and here are my thoughts so far!

- Nancy Wu's character:  Her character is a very loyal and righteous maid.  Unfortunately those characteristics will ought to bring her trouble in the future.  Anyways, I am so happy that Nancy in here and the fact that she's playing this character instead of an evil one.  Really liking her character so far!

- Wayne Lai's character:  Compared to his best friend, Raymond Cho's, Wayne Lai is not really ambitious at all.  He just prefers to live a quiet life in the palace.  But his character is not at all that simple as he's quite sharp....I'm quite eager to see how his character develops.

- Selena Li's character:  She's the deceased emperor's concubine and is "isolated" (aka no power etc).  Selena is very kind-hearted though and treats her servants like a family, especially Wayne and Nancy.  Something interesting is that on every joyous occasion, a lecture will be given to her by the empress.  I wonder what Selena did to deserve this punishment...?

-I love how Selena's palace (quarter) is unlike the others.  All the servants treats each other as a family and whenever trouble comes, they'd stick together.  From the spoilers though, we know that Selena will die....therefore this "family" will eventually be shattered.  So what will become of them.....?

-Raymond Wong's character:  Due to his mother's sickness, Raymond Wong asked for a leave from the head of the eunuch's, Power Chan.  Without enough money to bribe him though, Power did not let Raymond go.  Desperate, Raymond accidentally broke Power's valuable ring and got into a lot of trouble.  

After making an escape, Raymond ran into Nancy and asked her for help.  Nancy of course helped him, and so did the rest of Selena's servants.  When Power came to their place and demanded them to hand over Raymond, Selena even stepped in to defend him.  Unfortunately, Selena only have status and really no power...she was even looked down upon by Power and his uncle (director of the eunuchs).

After they took away Raymond and the rest of Selena's servants (since they tried to protect Raymond), Selena went straight to the Empress for justice.  In the end, Raymond was permitted to go see his mom (who  already passed away) one last time at the funeral.  It was very sweet how Wayne, Nancy and all the others went to see him off.  

Later, Wayne got news that the deceased emperor's concubines were finally allowed to leave the palace after years of mourning.  Selena was very excited and eager to leave the palace....hoping for a new life.

Oh may I mention that Selena did have a child, who died of some kind of disease when he was young.  If he had lived, he wouldv'e been the crown prince instead of the empress's son.  Sketchy isn't it?  We even got a glimpse of a retired eunuch's paranoid reaction when the dead prince was mentioned.  He worked for the empress before too....something is going on here.  Obviously the prince's death was not of a natural cause...and I'm wondering if Selena knows that or not.

We later find out that Wayne got sold to the palace due to his father's gambling addiction.  Unfortunately his father still won't stop gambling afterwards and Wayne is doing everything he can to prevent him from selling his younger brother too.  Ugh...that father should just go die.  If you're going to be so irresponsible then don't have kids =.=  

Luckily with the help of his friend, Raymond Cho and their master, Wayne was able to gather enough money to save his little brother.  Just when he was going to pay back the debt though, Selena called for him.  After a long wait for a notice that she could leave the palace like the other concubines, Selena still haven't receive it so therefor decided to go see the empress for an answer.  

So Wayne ended up going with Selena....I wonder what will happen to his family now.


miriamfanz said...

You're gonna enjoy this. I'm loving The Confidant so much...

lynne said...

Hehe hopefully so :D

charlie lin said...

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