[News] Bernice Liu Tears Up as She Speaks on Her Misfortunes

Bernice Liu was on television station Phoenix HK Channel's talk show Speak out Hong Kong for an interview with the host Michelle Lo. She spoke about her past, there was a period where things were not going smoothly for her, which included a failed relationship and worsen of the relationship with her company that caused problems with job offers. In addition, last year she had a big surgery that almost forced her to retire from her favorite job as an artist. She expressed with tears running down, "Before the surgery, the right side of my body was paralyzed, and after the surgery, the doctor told me it is best that I change professions. I started dancing at age 3, and have never thought one day I wouldn't be able to walk." Although her career and relationship didn't go so smoothly, she still won an international award for the French red wine she fermented. This was an additional gain for her and now she has learned to enjoy the beauty of life. As for her love life, just let nature take its course. The most important is to be happy.

Thoughts: I personally love Bernice alot.  Really hope that she's happy and doing well in Mainland.


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