Your Top 10 TVB Series of 2012 - ROUND 1

So far this year, we've got 16 series that have just finished airing (excluding: Sergeant Tabloid because tvb is re-airing the edited version later on, Come Home Love since it's a sitcom)

-So now on the side bar, pick 10 out of the 16 listed series that you think deserves to be 2012's Top 10.  
-By doing so, that means 6 series will be eliminated in ROUND 2 while the 10 with the highest vote will remain in the game.  
-ROUND 1 ends by the end of September (meaning that Ghetto Justice 2, King Maker and Divas in Distress (depending if they will finish airing by that time) will be added into ROUND once again, cast your votes and the series with the least votes will be eliminated in ROUND 3)
-ROUND 2 will end in November and ROUND 3 will start during the tvb awards period. 
-In the end, the top 10 series with the most votes in ROUND 3 will be 2012's Top 10.

I do hope that you guys like this idea :D  I was going to do one poll during the end of the year for this, but that will be too much series on a just thought this elimination thing would be fun.  Hope for your support!!

***Oh, I must add that this elimination idea was inspired by  Anybody visits this site regularly? :)

 SO please cast your votes and support your series!!!  Max. votes are 10 but if you think (example) only 4 series deserve it, well....just cast 4 votes for those series :)  But by casting 10, there is a better chance of eliminating the series you very dislike because you'll have more votes for the other the higher chance for the series you did not vote to get eliminated (hope you know what I mean haha).

If you guys like this idea and would like to do one for Top 10 TVB Characters of 2012, please tell me :)  I think it'll be fun, but I would like for you guys to nominate the characters....I don't want to choose all main characters (since supporting ones can be also a fav, such as Fan Gan from Three Kingdoms RPG, or Mr Diu (the fat tenant) in No Good Either Way).  So if you're interested in this, comment and name your characters (up to 10)!!  I've decided if we were to do this, only the ones nominated will be in the poll :D


lynne said...

Checking, checking...yay it works! :D haha

Yian said...

Hi lynne, I think this is a great idea! I've just picked my top 7 :)

miriamfanz said...

TVB hasn't been producing good series lately. I could only pick 3-4 favs, then pick out some ok ones. I can't even choose ten.

For fav characters,
Fan Gun in 3K
Fat tenant in NGEW
Oscar Leung from Tiger Cubs
Mandy Wong frm Tiger Cubs
Wayne Lai in Greatness of a Hero
Savio Tsang (Cheung Fei) in 3K
Pierre Ngo (Sun Quan) in 3K

lynne said...

Thanks for participating guys!

My Nominations
-fat tenant NGEW
-Q Bobo NGEW
-Fan Gan 3K
-Kenneth THC
-Ji Lam WI
-Oscar Tiger Cubs
-Raymond Wong BP
-Eric Li BP
-Steven Ma DGD
-Ram Tseung WI

I also wanted Hui Sir....but I've got 10 already Q.Q

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