[News] Myolie Wu & Nancy Wu - 'Wu Clan' Sisters

In 2003, Triumph in the Skies was the series where Myolie Wu and Nancy Wu first met. After 9 years, they finally continue their fate in Triumph in the Skies II. However, their sisterly relationship didn't start until 2007's War of In Laws II, then that following year (2008) they participated in Strictly Come Dancing. Their relationship got closer and closer since then. Today they are good sisters that support, encourage and influence one another.

Encourged to Fight for Opportunities

Recalling back then when Myolie Wu and Nancy Wu collaborated in Triumph in the Skies, Nancy saw Myolie as a very cool person, she said: "At the time, her career was developing fast and she was very nervous about her work. We didn't get to know each other then because she gave others a feeling like it's hard to approach her, but once you get familiar with her, she's not like that." When Myolie heard this, she immediately explained her cool self back in the day: "Actually I wasn't really familiar with the work back then."

Nancy: "That will just make people think you are hard to approach."

Myolie: "Really? You just told everyone my weakness! Perhaps because I'm a Scorpio. I start off protecting myself, but the people that know me well, know that I'm actually really crazy."

Nancy: "I'm a Virgo and I'm like that too, but after getting to know you, I realized that we have a lot of common views."

In 2007's War of In Laws II, it was when Myolie and Nancy truly got to know each other. Nancy said: "Back then after we all got off work, we would go to Myolie's house for hot pot and to chat. Then we started chatting about secrets. Then in 2008, we participated in Strictly Come Dancing. We went to Hunan together for the competition, our relationship improved a lot and we had mutual support and encouragement for one another. At the time, many people knew it was Myolie who encouraged me to take on this opportunity. If it wasn't for her, I may not been able to have the courage to tell TVB I wanted to go."

Myolie: "An artist wants to let audience see the best side of them. At the time, I was not confident to let people see me dance. At one point, I wanted to turn down Strictly Come Dancing, but I saw that this was an opportunity, so I encouraged Nancy to go fight for it too. I've been in this industry for over 10 years now, I see a lot of newcomers who have areas they need to work on, such as the lazy sounds and I would take initative to let them know the changes they need to make. To be able to encounter quality co-stars, it's a mutual benefit." Because of this selfnessness, Nancy began to treat Myolie as a close friend and she has become her best sister.

Myolie: "I often tell her, if you want to do it, then go do it. You can say it, but you may not get the opportunity. However, if you don't say it, then others will never know that you wanted to do it. Then it is definite that you won't have the opportunity. So, I just believe for the things you want to do, you should really go try to fight for the opportunity. Then put in the effort to do the best."

Mutual Influence

Myolie and Nancy became good sisters, but they actually haven't really collaborated in that many series. Nancy said: "After we got to know one another, we actually had less chances to work together. The first time was A Chip off the Old Block and then Curse of the Royal Harem. Having scenes opposite of her, I feel it's just a little weird. Usually when we aren't acting, we would be laughing loudly and going crazy, but when she starts shooting, got her makeup on and practicing her lines, she turns into another person. I watch her saying her lines, I feel it's so strange, like the Myolie I'm seeing isn't her."

Myolie: "You think I changed into another person?"

Nancy: "Yes! You get really into character."

Myolie: "Thank you for thinking that way. Haha."

Myolie influenced Nancy to be more proactive in her work, while Nancy influenced Myolie in a different way. Nancy: "Her personality is rather impatient and can easily think about nonsense. Her thoughts can go really far. Perhaps now she has been influenced by me, also we are closer, many times she can be really calm and will make careful considerations first."

Nancy agrees that it is fortunate to have a really close friend, she said: "I believe I'm really lucky because we aren't competitive opponents at work, we can actually chat, give each other advice and support. Myolie entered the industry earlier than me, she can give me a lot of advice. She is a person that wants the people she knows to do well too."

As there is nothing the two can't talk about, of course they will talk about their love lives as well. Myolie said: "I am good at looking at people, of course I help look at her friends and boyfriends. If I think they aren't qualified, then I would tell her."

Recently, Myolie's relationship has gone through some changes. As a good friend, Nancy has of course comforted her sister. Nancy: "Whatever unhappiness we have, we would talk to each other about it. Although we may know how the other will handle it, but we just want to let them know they have our support."

Myolie: "We can be that compatible because aside from our gentle side, we also have a strong side."

So, we don't need to be worried about Myolie because she doesn't just have two beautiful elder sisters, she also got "Wu Ting Yee" (combination of Myolie and Nancy's Chinese names), a nickname fans gave to Nancy, this fourth sister to support her.

Source: TVB Weekly Issue#789, Myolie Wu Official Fanclub
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Aw it was sweet reading more about their friendship :) The entertainment circle can get complicated....definitely good with a few close friends there to give each other support ;)


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