My Top 5 Supporting Actors

Following my posts: My Favourite Actresses, My Favourite Actors is a post on some of my favourite supporting actors.  I've limit it down to 5 though because I'd get carried away if I didn't limit myself :P  (I did a similar post for Tavia's characters too) They're in no specific order.
-Ram Chiang:  If I had to choose my number one supporting actor, he'd be the guy (to be honest it was Wayne before, but now Wayne is in the leading era).  Ram Chiang has been in the industry for so long and has taken on numerous amount of roles!  From his lovable feminine role from War of the Genders, his cleverness in Safe Guards to his mini appearance in Every Move You Make as the emotional husband, they were all wonderfully acted out.  Ram can be funny yet serious...he's very diverse with his roles and that is why I love him.  Every time he's onscreen....just like Wayne, he catches people's attention (or at least mine anyways).  Most of his roles may not be significant but they always bring joy to watch him onscreen.

As you  guys may have notice that he've been in a lot of series lately, probably due to the lack of artistes?  Even though I'm glad to see him more, I am a bit unhappy that tvb is over-using him.  Ok here's how things are....talented guy not getting so much series, I say that they're underpromoting him.  BUT when he's getting all these chances, I'm saying tvb is over-using him.  *sigh* complications.  I've been feeling that for alot of recent tvb artistes :/  I like them but too much is tiring....especially in repetive roles.  Being type-casted *cough*MichaelTse*cough* is one of the worst thing for an artistes..

-Wayne Lai:  How could I not love this guy?  I actually did not know if I should put him in this category or not because...well, I had him in my favourite actor section already.  But in the end, I know that he cannot be omitted from this list because he dominated most of my childhood life, so there's no way I'm leaving him out.  All I got to add to what I've previously stated is, all his years of work did not go to waste.  He's recognize by the young and the old as a great actor :)

-Michael Tse:  First off, I'd like to say he's a very versatile artiste.  He's not just Laughing and I don't remember him for Laughing (totally overated).  I can say that I grew up with his acting, starting from his awesome role as Kam Yuet in Virtues of Harmony 1&2.  And does anybody remember him in the sweet feminine role co-staring Gigi Fu in Moment of Endearment, snobby but hilarious role co-staring Rain Lau in Dragon Love or the dislikable...but still likable role in La Femme Desperado?  He've shown as so many sides of him all these years.  Like I said, being type-casted is horrible....totally limits the acting range of an actor.  I admit his first Laughing role was great, but the others are lame :P  So Laughing, please don't come back to life and Michael, I need you back Q.Q

-Stephen Au:  Compared to the others, I have not watch many series of him...hmm The Legend of Love and Angels Mission, Legend of the Demigods, Witness to a Prosecution 2 are the ones I remember well.  Still, I can say I love this guy.  He just catches my attention just being onscreen.  Even though he acted is quite a despicable role in The Legend of Love, his last scene with Leila Tong was the most memorable out of the whole series....I can still remember how he cried.  From then on, I just know he's a great actor and have liked him ever since.

-The fifth spot is still not filled.  I've thought of Derek Kwok, Power Chan, Johnson Lee, Lee Kwok Lun, Paul Chun, Shek Sau and such but still unsure.  The first 4 are very clear in my I want to make sure of my fifth choice.  Hmm...who will this person be?  Yuen Wah??

So now that I've shared mine.  Who are yours???  Feel free to comment :D  Would love to see some!


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