[CTI - Upcoming] Three Sides of Shape Doctors

Plot Summary:
Humans are naturally born to love beauty. Alot of people put on makeup, do beauty treatments, some even opt for plastic surgery -- but there are probably not many people who are willing to look directly into a mirror and comfortably, naturally, peel away their glamorous 'outer skin' and reveal the rawest, most hidden side of themselves. That's why all along, doctors are only able to heal our physical bodies, but not our hearts. Ultimately, the 'root cause' of alot of illnesses does not stray far from what we call 'humanity' (renxing)!

Utilizing the story of a plastic surgeon joining a franchised medical treatment conglomerate as basis and adding in a 'discussion' of a few recent controversial 'hot topics', the series will attempt to critique the value system of mainstream modern society in the hopes of inspring the general public to reflect on the definition of 'beauty' and how it relates to their own value system. At the same time, it hopes to be the 'voice' for different levels of people in society and thereby resonate with audiences.

Cast: Frankie Lam, John Chiang, Wilson Tsui, Kate Yeung, Sam Chan, Leanne Ho, Lesley Chiang, Rain Lau, Benji Chiang, Queenie Chan, Rachel Lam, Lee Cheuk Ling, Yetta Tse, Deno Cheung, Carlos Chan, Yan Ng (Ng Yat Yin), Maria Chen, Philip Keung (former ATV actor), Wong Gwan Bun (RTHK DJ), Damon Law (former TVB actor), etc.

Additional Notes about series: Through the story of doctors and their patients as well as the various inner and outer conflicts that a medical treatment conglomerate experiences, hope to demonstrate the 'real' side of humanity. This will be the first series in HK television history to present the 'true face' of medical surgeries. There will be a television version as well as a web version of the series -- the web version will reveal the real life process involved in plastic surgeries.

Source: HK Channel's weibo
Credits jerebtvb@asianfanatics & llwy2@asianfanatics

Thoughts: Omg...the synopsis actually sound so...meanigful! I really hope the series turn out as good as the synopsis because the synopsis sounds amazing! This is definitely an interesting topic to explore since I think plastic surgeries and such are popular nowadays.

My personal opinion on this topic. I don't think there's anything wrong with getting plastic surgeries and such since it's normal for people to seek beauty, and it is also their right to do so. Just be aware of the side effects. Totally love the line, "doctors are only able to heal our physical bodies, but not our hearts," in the synopsis. This lines indicates how we think of ourselves right? I always believe it's the mind over the body. Over time, our physical body will eventually weaken no matter what we do, it's our mind that will continuously grow (knowledge etc). Just have faith in myself, accept and smile. Nothing is better than smiling :) haha.

On a side note, weird name...?  Three Sides of a Shape Doctor.....


AC said...

When I look at the CTI casts, I realize how shallow I am since my first thought was that they need a hotter cast. :X

I wonder how their series will do in ratings. Imagine if they aired this, and tvb decided to counter by airing On Call 2? I'm pretty sure most people would prefer On Call 2. lol

lynne said...

lols you're funny AC but I guess it's what expected because that's how the media influences us. You can say I was a bit disappointed in the casting too...since I barely know any of them. I was most excited seeing Wilson and Deno Cheung! Hehe

I agree that most would tune into On Call 2. I would too :P This series need more popular actors to attract the audience. Frankie isn't really the greatest attraction either. I find him rather bland in most of his series. I'm honestly most attracted to the synopsis because it's a topic I'm interested in.

Rachel said...

hahah AC i thought the same thing, that and the fact that i hardly know any of the actors besides John Chiang and Frankie hahah and i mostly watch dramas for the actors so that alone makes this drama a little bit less appealing haahh but like lynn said, the plot does seem very interesting, so i might give it a try

yue mei said...

Huh this series sounds interesting! Actually a lot of CTI series sound good. LOL But I kinda agree with you and AC that the cast doesn't look that good. I'm excited to see Carlos Chan though! I was kinda sad he didn't film anything for TVB after being in Dressage to Win.

AC said...

Yeah, I find Frankie really bland too. He doesn't really have any charisma to be a lead actor. Also, I don't really recognize any of the female actresses.

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