Random Trailers of 2012 series!

*besides 3 Kingdoms RPG, I am not fond with the other title changes...also happened with Prominent Family etc.

The Confidant
Omg! I am so excited for this!!! Loving the cast (with some exceptions though)! I'm definitely looking forward to Wayne and Michelle...and the two lovely ladies, Nancy Wu and Selena Li! And alala...Oscar Leung :)

Hmm...I would not mind much if Natalie was playing a concubine...but an empress? I'm not so sure about that since she doesn't really suit the look :/ But I guess it depends on the nature of her character...if it doesn't require her yelling, I would be good :)

The Last Steep Aliment
The series looks nice :)

Three Kingdoms RPG
After seeing Kenneth Ma's serious character in Hippocratic Crush...it is kinda weird seeing him as a gamer in here :P I still think that Ron fits the image more though....but I'm still looking forward to this new side of Kenneth! Also...reunite of Kenneth and Tavia!! Haha...

Still upset that they chose Kaki Leung to pair with Raymond though...she's not fitting for mature roles (ie. Relic of and Emissary). Still feel she's at the same level-ish as the newbies (ie the ones in HC)....and shouldn't take on such big roles so soon :/


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