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Kenneth Ma has always gone the ability route. Compared to other siu sangs in the same generation, his pace is indeed slower. Acting for 13 years, finally the first male lead 'Yat Kin Tau' in "The Hippocratic Crush", the series receiving good reviews and drawing a large audience, and Kenneth's acting has also received praise. Is this a late spring? "Absolutely not. When filming 'Born Rich', Lo Ka (Gallen Lo) previously said that it takes 10 years to come out with a siu sang. I don't think that my pace is slow; it's just that my road is longer because, in this industry, apart from ability, luck is also a major factor. For example, Wayne Lai. His acting has always been good. I already greatly admired him in the '90s, but had to encounter 'Chai Gau' before gaining great popularity".

When talking about [his] career, Kenneth went on and on, but when asked about [his] love life...reconciled with Nancy Wu? He immediately became awkward, saying that there was nothing to report: "Nancy and I are in the friendship stage...enjoying the current single life. Still make money above all else!"

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Thoughts: Haha Hippocratic Crush is definitely not Kenneth Ma's first leading role :P He was just never officially "noticed/discovered" until now. Just like Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and others who started out with cameos roles, Kenneth was the same. (haha took some screencaps of Kenneth's cameo's here---he was hilarious in VOH! lols) (also got some of Tavia's--look at the comments, there are more given by other readers!) Hmm..I think those are the only two that I really tracked down for their appearances x)

Totally agree with his statement about luck. Haha ability is required...but luck definitely takes on a huge role in the entertainment world too. Some people are lucky enough to get notice and cast right away into series, while others do have to take a longer route to achieve what they want. Both paths each have their own pros and cons though :/

Off into my own world...

Speaking of Wayne Lai, I was extremely happy for him getting the Best Actor award for his Chai Gau role...but a much more memorable moment took place at the TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2008. I started blogging late, so did not share any thoughts on that year's anniversary....but I can say right now, I've never been so happy seeing anybody receive an award as I was for Wayne back then. When he was announced winner, the entire audience (tvb artistes etc) stood up to give him an applause....that just explains how much he deserved the award. Beautiful memory :)


Rachel said...

i think it's about time kenneth is getting the attention and promotion that he deserves, but it's definitely not his first lead role, i was so confused when i first read it hahah

LynneD. said...

haha yah. I guess saying that it's his first leading will catch more interest from the readers? x)

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