Challenge of New Mother, Leila Tong feels guilty hurting baby's face

"Parents worry about their children forever", first time mother Leila Tong has a deep understanding of this! Facing just her two month old baby boy Chun Chun, Leila is focused entirely on giving him attentive care. However, it is inevitable for babies to encounter injuries and illness during their growth, when she talks about her first breastfeeding experience, she carelessly hurt her baby's face, making her heart ache. "I accidentally scratched his face, that moment I felt very guilty and my heart was aching. Last month, my son had to get his shots, I saw him cry in pain, and couldn't help but drop a few tears with him...I rather suffer his pain!" The maternal love is surely generous!

Started out as a child star Leila Tong tied the knot with stage play actor Desmond Tang last year. March of this year, she gave birth to their son and after two months, Leila has already lost the weight. During her interview with [Mingpao Weekly], she talks about the joys of baby care.

"I never felt too familiar with babies or children, but instead I would get excited when playing with dogs. It turns out that there the so-called 'sacrifices of mothers' does exist in nature. Like when Chun Chun was born, first time breast feeding at the hospital, I felt nervous. I had to hold him tightly on one arm and also help him turn to the side. Perhaps my nails were a tad too long, but I accidentally scratched his face and saw him hurt. That moment, I felt very guilty. The doctor told me that I should not be too worried. Later, many times no matter if the mother or the baby hurts him, it will be fine in no time."

"Just like a few days ago, I was carrying Chun Chun, he suddenly started crying. Later I realized he scratched himself on the face with his own nails, his face had two scratch marks. In fact, I already tried my best to check his nails, but just one miss can cause trouble. There was also another time when he was 6 weeks old, he had to go visit the doctor for his first shot. I saw a needle poke into his arm and he cried in pain. My heart really ached, Chun Chun actually stopped crying pretty quickly, but I was still tearing up nonstop. Later, I couldn't stand myself anymore, what was I crying for? It turns out that being a mother really does feel pain inside her own heart when she sees her children in pain." Leila's eyes became teary as she spoke.

Will not give up beloved pet dogs for Baby

In the current society, for their child's education, many parents become a worry master. However, Leila is not too worried in this area. "I just want my son to be a happy person and have good health. Many people are so anxious to find a school for their children to attend. The baby's just a few months old and they are already thinking from A to Z. Let him get a bit older and let it naturally develop. My husband and I are actually more concern about teaching by action, allowing him to be in contact with more people, nature, and more interaction with our four dogs at home. It's interesting, two of our dogs especially like my son. One time they were licking his feet and when Chun Chun is crying, they charge over to see him faster than me. There was another time, a friend was carrying Chun Chun, those two dogs were following the friend. It's like they were helping me guard him. Of course baby is too small, I have to be around for them to have mutual interactions. Some people give up on their pets after they have a baby, this is really not a good move! I treat my dogs as my own children, they are part of the family and there is no reason because of a new family member, that we have to give up on a current member, both can coexist. "

Source: Mingpao Weekly Issue #2220
Translated by: aZnangel @

Thoughts: Haha I found it funny that I only mentioned Leila a day ago and today, there's this article on her already xP It's so good to here that Leila is so happy with her baby boy. Hope the little guy will grow up happily and healthily ;)


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