New NEW Layout

Yay!!! TVB Horizon is back up!! xD Hehe, does everybody love the new layout as much as I do?? Have been looking at templates for awhile, and now have found something I absolutely love! I must say, I prefer narrower template than wider templates. Wide ones makes me feel that there is so much space and everything seems so messy! I also love the dark brown colors =) So nice xD

Anyways! Have posted my No Regrets Overview....on Lau Sing and Kau Mui!! Was going to do the other characters and stuff too....but it got too long. So decided to seperate the two posts. Will work on the others later =) Hope you guys all like it! (mostly pictures....but still alright?)


Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! its me again!

dayumm! looks like i been missing out on the guessing games. oh wells. next time!!

as for the layout, like how the colours blend in with the tone of the banner. if this was fb i'd like it, but for now --> "Anonymous likes your page" hahaha...

cyas next time!

may said...

i like your new layout ! simple n nice ~
anyways, when is the other post on no regrets coming ? looking forward to read it soon ! i so love this drama :D

LynneD. said...

@Anonymous: Lols! You're funny xD thanks!! Hehe, that is one of the reasons why I changed the layout....cause the banner didn't match the previous one so well >< See ya back in the game soon then!

@may: thanks =D be honest, I dunno when i'll finish it either ^^; But will do my best to finish it soon =) I LOVE it too!!! <3

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