Guessing Game - BONUS ENTRY 3 (Valentines Special) RESULTS

Sorry for posting up the results later than I've said! But here are the results:

POINTS so far....
2as1 - |||
Chii - |||
may - |||
Pi - |||||
summer - |||
yue_mei - |||||

It was actually hard for me to choose a winner...and as I narrowed my favourites down, I got to two....that I decided to give the 5 points too because I couldn't choose! From what I saw, I'm really glad that you guys enjoyed this game! All entries were great....and underneath are my comments to the authors ;) Congrats everybody!

Next Game will be up soon ;)

@Summer: Nice pairing!! Ever since that Valentines commercial, I've always wanted Bosco and Selena to pair up! They looks adorable together xD I really like Bosco's character! Especially how you say that he doesn't fall for girls so easily ;) Makes him seems abit cold, but yet sweet at the same time! The jewelery business and Selena as a model is one of the best idea! And the ending is just super sweet =)

@May: I like your story very much, especially because of Nancy's character. Split personality is a big issue to deal with and I'm glad Raymond was there to help her. Also glad that Nancy didn't actually kill anybody, or else it'll be a tragedy xD I really like how you ended it too! Designing a house together for their future is such a sweet idea ;)

@2as1: You have the most unexpected pairing and I love it! If this story was ever recreated, it'll be a great one because I love both Niki's and Julian's voice!! I can also totally imagine Julian as a 'chick magnet' xD Haha, great ending too! I am imagining Julian's expression while he was replying to Niki ;) So cute!

@Pi: I love bad guys xP I can always imagine the progresses when they soften up and eventually fall for a girl! I fall deep for that xD The best part I like about your story though, is the fire and the way Fala's dad sent a detective after Kevin. Settle but sweet ending =)

@Chii: Your story is so cute! Lols when I saw your description for Natalie...I realized how familiar I am to her xP Course, I do not have any "Rons" around here xD Hehe...I love the idea of how they got locked up together! Only way to know someone is to talk to each other and they were forced to do that ;) The last paragraph was sad though! I believe Ron will come back to find Natalie right?

@yue_mei: Lols, I do not know what to say xD But first of....I don't know if I talked to you too much or what, but I was imagining the tone you told the story in......and it was really cold xD Not that you are cold...cause you are not =) lols because of that, I couldn't stop smiling while reading your story. I also love the way you explained how they fall in love...(brings me back to Kingsley in MOL). Your ending is sad...but I really like it because to me, it was realistic =0 And I must say...just like liking sad songs, I like sad endings too =3


yue mei said...

Yay. :) No, you definitely do not talk to me too much. haha Glad you liked it. I didn't know what to write for how they fell in love so I just used science to explain it. XD Yeah, I like sad songs too. And sad endings if they fit with the storyline. :)

Summer said...

Lynne ~ hahahaha ! actually i really wish 1 day, there is a on screen coupld of Bosco and Selena, they're sweet and adorable !

Hahaha , i always feel Bosco in cool character will make ppl more attract , and i like Selena eyes, she got a very great eyes, plus as a jewel's model, wow look spark lo ! hahahaha !

any way, thanks for like my short story !

Hope so there is more such games in future ! really enjoying it !

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