Guessing Game - BONUS ENTRY 2

POINTS so far....
2as1 - ||||||
Alvin - |
Anonymous - ||||||||
Kitty - ||||
Lee - |||||
Lumix - ||
may - ||||||
Rachel - |||
Sandalls - |
Sharon - ||
Summer - |||||
Turbo - |

Previous Answer:


***Must get at least 2 out of 4 to get ONE point***
**3/4 gets 2 points**
*4/4 still equals 2 points*
*One guess for each actress*
No first 3 for this game! Anybody can get the points now xD
Am I too brutal this time?? =3

What are my favourite character of....
Leila Tong
Christine Ng
Myolie Wu
Nancy Wu


2as1 said...

this round is soooo hard!! but i'll try..

Leila Tong - A Pillow Case of Mystery II

Christine Ng - The Silver Chamber of Sorrows

Myolie Wu - War of in Laws

Nancy Wu - DIE II

sandalls said...

Leila Tong - A Life Made Simple

Christine Ng - The Silver Chamber of Sorrows

Myoile Wu - A Chip Off The Old Block

Nancy Wu - Twin of Brothers

may said...

Leila Tong - The legend of love
Christine Ng - The Silver chamber of sorrows
Myolie wu - A Chip off the Old Block
Nancy wu- Rosy Business

may said...

actually i enjoy this game alot. maybe you can start another time after this round ends? i especially like those bonus games whereby we guess the artistes and their roles...

Sharon said...

Leila Tong - Twin of brothers
Christine Ng - Silver Chamber of Sorrows
Myolie Wu - Chip off the old block
Nancy Wu - Legend of Demi-gods

lol wild guesses xD

Anonymous said...

ok, this will b tough!

Leila - Legends of Love
Christine - Silver Chamber of Sorrows
Myolie - Chip Off Old Block
Nancy - Twins of Brothers

@ur prev comment in other post. yes i am a big kate fan. tho i think i was just a tad higher than usual that time then. lol

really enjoyed this game so far. keep it up! Jia You!!!

Summer said...

Leila Tong ~ Square Pegs

Christine Ng ~ Silver Chamber of Sorrows

Myolie Wu ~ Chip Off Old Block

Nancy Wu ~ Rosy Business

Lee said...

This is really hard!! Anyway here are my guesses!

Leila Tong: The last breakthrough
Christine Ng: The beaqty of the game
Myolie Wu: Golden faith
Nancy Wu: Twin of brothers

Happy CNY! =]

Moo said...

Leila Tong - Man In Charge

Christine Ng - The Silver Chamber of Sorrows

Myolie Wu - War and Destiny

Nancy Wu - Gun Metal Grey

LynneD. said...

So...that final answer is

Leila Tong - The Legend of Love
Christine Ng - The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
Myolie Wu - A CHip of the Old Block
Nancy Wu - Legend of the Demi-gods

Haha, no one got 4/4...which I expected, but lots got 3/4!!! Lols thanks so much for participating everybody!! I hope you guys all enjoyed this! Another round is going to start again soon =) Stay tune xD

2as1 - ||||||
Alvin - |
Anonymous - ||||||||||
Kitty - ||||
Lee - |||||
Lumix - ||
may - ||||||||
Rachel - |||
Sandalls - ||||
Sharon - ||
Summer - ||||||
Turbo - |

Winner is Anonymous!!

@anonymous: Email me - on what you want...
or you can comment here to tell me =)

You can even do a write-up, that I can post on why you chose "that" on the banner if you want too =)

Anonymous said...

Happii Belated Lunar New Year Pepz!!! Gung Hei Fat Choi!!!

Cheerz Lynne.D, this was a really good game. I shall put my hand up to participate in other games like this.

As for the banner.....hmmmmm.....
I am contemplating between S.H.E and of course, Kate. But then I read the conditions again --> TVB related.

Sooooo.... surfing on weibo other night, i found CNY pix of Ron, Kate, Ah Fung n Mandy Wong. So if its all cool with you, i'd like these four to feature in the next banner.....with maybe a Vampire theme? haha iunno, maybe been watching Ah Fung's vampire performance. Lol.


LynneD. said...

Hehe thanks!!!

okies! Here's the banner....

Tell me if you like it or not =) lols Raymond...I think is a grim reaper/demon not a vampire xD But LOVE his red contacts though!! He looks awesome in them xD

Anonymous said...

looking awesome!!! now lets take this a step further and turn this inot next TVB series! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

its looks good, though ray's contacts doesnt seem to stand out that much. maybe a bit more red/bright to show bit more passion. like its shooting out flames or something? Lol!

Otherwise looks fantastic!


Anonymous said...

and i just realised that something. when i refered to ray's vampire performance, i meant his concert, the song vampire. havent had a chance to watch Uninvited Date yet because i live all way in the land down under. plus i normally wait for it to release in viet coz my canto is quite up to par.....*sigh*

LynneD. said...

Here^^ I added the red to Ray's eyes ;)

Haha, I see xD Lols nobody have watched Uninvited Date yet! It's not out xP But have u watch the trailer?? Viet!?! You're viet too? That's so cool! I am too =) Lots of people here seems to be too! But you know canto too?

may said...

heehee i like this banner too.
but it seems like raymond and ron are more striking & standing out rather than kate n mandy
since the guys' picture is clearer than the 2 ladies...

LynneD. said...

@may: That was what I was planning for =) two guys vs each other xD While making this banner...I was thinking how Raymond as the demon, took away Ron's most beloved...(?)

@anonymous: If it's ok with you, I will post this banner up ok?? =)

Anonymous said...

i was thinking along same story line as well.cept that one of our ladies here will be a sibling of ray. then we'll have a ray vs ron storyline alongside demons & angels as well.

The banner looks fab LynneD!!! Im all cool with it! XD

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