2011 Programme Highlights

ALL CREDITS to kuangaitvb.com, RonOnline, Tavia.org, jse@asianfanatics

Most of you guys probably saw this already...but here you go again xD All of these series have been filmed or is being filmed beside.....3 Kingdoms (confirmed cast: Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam...no longer the original cast), Mahjong Flying Southeast (no confirmation of filming yet) and The King Boxer (actually...not so sure of this one).

Everybody saw the trailer for Men with No Shadows (Raymond, Bobby, Tavia) right?? It looks so cool right?? I can't wait to see it! Raymond's character seems really cool ;) Really interested in how his character would turn out and his relationship with Tavia.

If you haven't seen the trailers yet, here they are http://tvb-horizon.blogspot.com/2010/11/sales-presentation-2011-clips.html

***Relic of a Emissary (Michael, Kate, Elanne, Joe Ma, Sammul) will air after Only You*** -credits hyn5


Rachel said...

i'm really excited for Men with no shadows and the truth!! cause tavia's in both of them!! :D heheh and yes sir no sir too! :D hahaha and i guess colorful world of sister fa as well...though i'm not the biggest fan of charmaine hahah but it should be pretty interesting

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