Heart vs. Moonlight 1

I know all my posts are from old series, but that is because there isn't any series that I currently like right now. So this post is also going to be about a old series, but not really that old^^

I have to say I enjoyed both series alike and really can't decide which one is better. They both have there pros and cons soo.........lets see.....

1) Love Story: In my opinion, I would say that the love story in Heart was better, since the love story seems to be missing there and here. Raymond, Moses and Linda's story in Heart was definitely better than Moonlight's Raymond, Bosco and Linda, so I guess that's one point for Heart.

Fala and Dexter's was okay, and even though it didn't developed enough, I still think it was really sweet.

For the 2 pair Tavia and Bosco in Heart and Tavia and Moses in Moonlight, Tavia and Bosco's story would win. As much as I love Moses and Tavia together, the storyline wasn't that great, but that doesn't matter because I still LOVE them^^

The best love story in Moonlight is probably Louise, Michelle and Ha Yu's. I would say that it beat Heart in this one.

2)Brother of the Family: By brother of the family I mean like the one who try to keep everything going in the family, making everyone happy and together. So in Heart, it is Moses and Moonlight, it is Raymond. I would say that Moses left much more of an impression than Raymond's character. Notice I said character not acting, so Raymond's fan please don't be mad at me. I'm also a fan of Raymond's, but his character just can't leave the impression that Moses character had left. Raymond's character is pretty average in moonlight, but there are some scenes that are really sweet too^^

3)Siblings: Both have good siblings bonds but Heart was average and Moonlight was pretty good. The only problem of Moonlight sibling bonds is that it doesn't have every member. Most have really good relationships with each other, but one was excluded, who was Chris Lai. In Heart, even though they have average bonds, they are all included.

4)Wedding: Both series have a wedding in them. In Heart, there was the wedding of Tavia and Bosco and in Moonlight, there was the wedding of Fala with Dexter and Susanna with Louis. Both were great but Hearts was better since it had the family touch of the wedding video.

5)Tears: Which series was the real tear jerker, I would say it was Moonlight. There were so many scenes that made me cried and it cost me a bunch of tissues.

The next vs will be coming later^^


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