TVB Fans Party 2015

A month or so ago Kate Tsui, Raymond Lam, Hins Cheung, Fred Cheng etc came to Vancouver and I didn't go cause I had work.'s mainly cause I saw Raymond's name and figured that there will be waaaaayyyyyyyyyy too many fans coming.  I hate line ups and none excited me enough to convince me to endure that lol.  Now though, here are four of my fav rising stars!!!!  I am so happy xD  But man...gotta try to convince one of my friends to go but none of them watches tvb....such a loner Q.Q

There won't be too many people right? I don't wanna line up so early......sigh


miriamfanz said...

I hope you can go and get lots of pictures because I can't go this year :(

lynne tvbfan said...

Unfortunately I forgot about it....and was scheduled for work Q.Q Wanted cry when I found out...Really wanted to see all of them >.<

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