Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain - Introduction Thoughts

The pairing of Selena Li and Kenneth Ma is the reason why I watched this.
Led by Lau Kong, some of the disciples of the Phecda Bureau includes Power Chan, Pierre Ngo and Lin Xia Wei.  The team went under disguise to lure out the criminal group who wanted to assassinate the emperor.

Even though the three is a team, they didn't seem to work together too well.  Haha Lin Xia Wei and Pierre is definitely at odds.  They were even fighting each other while trying to catch the criminal.  When you think that Power would be more sensible, he joined into the fight as well :P  I can't wait to see how these three will work things out.

I was so happy when Kenneth Ma and Selena Li appeared!  They're an incredibly lovey dovey coupple and is so sweet!  The cutest scene (also kinda gross?) would be where Selena picked Kenneth's nose for him :P  LMAO  That was so funny!

As far as Selena knows, Kenneth is a normal man who used to be a night guard back in the capital.  In reality though, he's got some mad kung fu skills.

Peirre, Power and Ln Xia Wei were assigned to track down a criminal who just escaped from prison.  They figured that he'd chase down the 'brother', Mad Dragon, who betrayed him back then and so decided that they'd try to find Mad Dragon.  Trying to lure Mad Dragon out, the criminal poisoned the whole town (in which Mad Dragon is supposedly living in) and demanded that Power and the others bring him Mad Dragon before sunset.  Turns out that Kenneth is the so called Mad Dragon.

Power and the others finally tracked down Kenneth and asked him to help them out.  Selena is still oblivious to her husband's true identity and so Kenneth told the others to keep quiet about it.  Haha it's so funny how they pretended to be best buddies in front of her.

Despite their acts, Selena overheard their whole conversation (about Kenneth being a bandit before etc) while she was preparing tea.  Kenneth was surprised she heard it but she's like, "how big do you think this house it?"  Haha I find her character so cute.  It's cute when she dug up his sword and dragged him away to escape from the others.  She treated the fact that her husband used to be a bandit like no big deal haha

Turns out that Kenneth wasn't a bandit but instead, was an undercover back then.  He's actually a commander at Phecda Bureau before.  Since he's an undercover, he had to turn in the criminal who saw his as a brother in the end.  While the crimnal stayed in prison though, he and Selena adopted his son and took care of his wife.

Ok, Kenneth is suppose to have great martial arts skills BUT his fighting scene with the criminal was such a big disappointement!!!  The prior fighting scenes were pretty alright so I was expected an epic battle between the two supposedly great martial artistes.  The fighting scene was so short and barely showed anything....I wanted more =.=

And god!  Was the voice wife of the criminal dubbed?  Her voice was so out of place...UGH. Hmm...a few other minor appearances were dubbed in the beginning too right?

Overall, the first episode was alright.  I'm a big fan of martial arts series, so I'll be continuiung with this :)  Who else is watching Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain?  Btw....that name...why?


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