[Thoughts] Never Dance Alone - Nostalgia

The first episode of "Never Dance Alone" gave us a pretty good intro of the 6 best friends who created a dancing club called, M Club, during their teenage years. At that time one of the members, Rachel Lee's younger version, got pregnant and the other 5 gave birth to her daughter in the middle of a typhoon. The 6 then continued to take care of the baby together but one day, Carmen Lee's younger self 'lost' the baby. Due to this incident, the group disbanded.

For my first comment, I'd like to say I was so irritated by the yelling teenagers during the birth scene. While I understand that they should be panicking, it made no sense why all four of them was yelling at the younger version of Fennie Yuen to call the police when one of them could of easily gone over to grab the phone, instead of designating it to the rather reluctant girl. If it was me, I would have gone over and called 911 myself instead of yelling repeatedly.

Fast forwarding to the future, Carmen Lee and Rachel Lee bumped into Elvina Kong after 20 or so years of separation.  While Rachel and Carmen are still at odds with each other, they still see Elvina as a good friend and Elvina tried her best to pull the two back together.  She forced them to come support her at the dance competition but before she could even dance, she suddenly fainted.  The two then rushed Elvina to the hospital and on the ambulance, she told Carmen and Rachel how much she wanted to see M Club together again.  After this, the episode forwarded to the lives of the remaining 3 girls of M Club. Gosh, I can't wait to see them reunite!!!!

Carmen Lee as Mo Siu Sze
Younger: Anjaylia Chan (Oh wow, Anjaylia is quite a unique name. I like it.)

For those of you who don't know Carmen Lee, please go and watch Return of the Condor Heroes 95 because Carmen and Louis was just too great in there!  If you're curious, you can read this long post I wrote during the first 7 episodes of them.  Carmen played as Dragon Girl in there and I believe that is still her most memorable role up to date, though she never filmed much.

Now back to the series, Carmen play as a very obedient house wife who follows her mother in law's every order.  Honestly I did not expect her character to be so chill and ditzy but Carmen is doing very so far, making Siu Sze entertaining and quite cute to watch.

Man, her daughter though.  That rude brat!  I wonder what Carmen did to make her daughter become that way.  Well, I think it's partly the grandmother's fault to I guess.  I mean, she gets along well with her grandmother but she is so disrespectful towards Carmen!!  Oh! may I add, she has a "Breaking Dawn" poster in her room.  LOL  I didn't watch Breaking Dawn but Eclipse, man, that was one horrible movie.  The only good thing about it was the animation while the story had no story.  I wouldn't have gone to see it if my friend didn't make me and also because it was her birthday =.=

Elvina Kong as Law Fung Sin, Cyndi
Younger: Annice Ng

Most recent tvb watchers should know Elvina from the sitcom, "Off Pedder"?  I didn't watch it though and so my only memories of Elvina is from "Show Time Blues" where she costarred alongside Gordon Lam and a tiny role in "HSDS 2000".  FYI (that is totally irrelevant to everything), Elvina's sister is Liz Kong.  Liz Kong starred as the dedicated Siu Chui of Lawrence Ng's in "HSDS 2000".  FYI NO2, Liz Kong also starred "War of the Genders" with Rachel Lee.  Yah....random....but I just found out about Liz today haha.

Back to Elvina's Cyndi, she's such an outgoing and passionate character that you can't help but love.  I'm excited to see how she will be pulling the rest of the girls together again ;)

Rachel Lee as Julie Chu
Younger: Venus Wong

I had no idea who this actress, Rachel Lee, is but due to the power given to me via google, I found out she was the one who played Michelle in War of the Genders!!!!!!!!!!  UNBELIEVABLE!  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go and WATCH "War of the Genders" because nothing can go wrong with that series/sitcom!  And if you do know what I'm talking about, I'm sure you'd be in as much shock as I am.  Michelle is Dayo Wong's overseas girlfriend in War of the Genders and wow.....Rachel was the one who played her.  Man, it makes me feel old for knowing this since that series is from 14 yrs ago.

Anyways, I don't have too many comments on Rachel's character right now since not much happened.  Hmm...though I am surprised how her character changed from a shy/timid teenager into a diva like woman haha.

Gloria Yip as Leung Gam Yin
Younger: Kandy Wong

Gloria Yip, who are you?  I don't know this actress and even when I searched her up, the only tvb series she seem to have participated in is Justice Bao and while I think I've watched that, I just can't remember anything.  haha Jac from hkoreandramaisland may though xD

Anyways, while I don't know Gloria, I do know the actress who plays the younger version of her!  Kandy Wong!  Well...I kinda know her?  Her face looks familiar lols.  Hmm....she was in that variety show with Linda Chung when they were in Korea!  I'm sure she was in another tvb drama too but just can't remember atm.

Angie Cheung as Hui Jan Nei
Younger: Lai Wai Ling

ANGIE CHEUNG!!  IMHO she is one of the most beautiful tvb actress alive!  I absolutely adore her in her earlier years and I wish that she could film for tvb more often.  To me, her most memorable series include Journey to the West, My Date with a Vampire 2 and Dark Tales 2 (click to see the posts I wrote about her).  Aside from those I guess her other notable role is in A Kindred Spirit?  I didn't watch that sitcom.

For those who're interested with Angie's life, I would really recommend you to read this interview translated by llwy12: http://llsmusings.blogspot.com/2014/04/mingpao-interview-angie-cheong-learns.html  It moved me to tears.  Angie is such a strong woman.

Not much of her character is mentioned yet.

Fennie Yuen as Luk Yuen Chau
Younger: Cheronna Ng

Fennie Yuen, yes, the actress in "Dragon Love"!  I remember I loved this series but right now, can't recall much more than that.  Her love story in there with Benny was really touching though!  I miss this kind of mythical series that TVB used to make Q.Q

After the previews of the lady, the last scene showed Eliza Sum at the airport.  While walking she dropped a blanker with the words, M Club, embroidered on it.  OMG!  That is the blanket the Rachel's baby was wrapped in when she went missing!  So Eliza is the baby that was kidnapped?

Before this, I didn't even know that Eliza was a part of the cast!  Wow, must be good working with the veterans here ;D

Flora Chan as Yung Dan Dan
Younger: Jeannie Chan

Flora Chan is probably the most recognizable actress from the cast, one of tvb's fadans prior to the new gen of fadans (Tavia, Myolie, Linda etc).  While I never watched her big hits (such as Triumph in the Skies) or any of her series at all (only To Get Unstuck in Time), I still really like her.  I am still shock that she's not leading the series (it's kinda obvious it's Carmen who's in the limelight here) but on the other hand, I like the idea that she's playing the antagonist.  ARGh not a single scene of Flora to be seen in episode 1 though, hopefully we'll see her in the next episode!!!

Ending Thoughts:  Seeing all of these actresses definitely stirred up some fond memories.  It is such a pity that the male casting is rather dull though.


Rachel said...

thanks for doing a little summary of each of the characters! since i'm not familiar with them except for Flora and Elvina, i keep getting them confused and mixed up, especially trying to keep track of who is who's younger self lol i'm terrible at that. hahah. i'm looking forward to seeing how this series will play out, don't have high expectations, but watching this is better than watching Journey to the West =P

oh and btw, Kandy Wong is also the singer for the group, Sugar Club! she's been in quite a dramas and hosted a few shows as well.

lynne said...

you're welcome :) Lols you get use to them as you watch....though I guess it doesn't help much that the older selves of the characters don't really reflect their younger halves that much, aside from Gloria's character.

I don't expect much from the series but I must say, it makes me feel quite nostalgic because of the actresses. The concept is also relatable, especially because I'm also going into adulthood myself. It really makes me reflect how I was back in highschool haha all the memories.

Oh I see! Yah someone reminded me that she was Toby Leung's younger sister in the Seasons of Love...or 4 seasons...whatever the name was haha

Anonymous said...

Gloria yip is in legend of liquid sword with Aaron Kwok and flying daggers with Jimmy Lin :))
Elvina goes beyond off pedder.. she was in movies like in the late 80s and early 90s.. such as Road for Heroes with Roger Kwok.. and another movies with Dickey Cheung but cant remember the name now..
Fennie was famous same time with Vivivan Leung in The Revelation Of The Last Hero. (1992 with Aaron Kwok)
Rachel Lee is in the last conquest with Gallen Lo in 1994.

and all this is not their latest series/ movies ..but all of them goes way back.... and all of TVB actor/ actress get better with times...

lynne said...

oh hey Anonymous.

Thanks for the info. Haha I never watched any of those series that you mentioned so I didn't know about them. I only listed the ones I've seen them in :) Tvb is trying really hard to recruit these veterans back!

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