Storm in a Cocoon Episode 1-3 thoughts

Have had this post in the drafts for so long!!  I'm already up to episode 13!  Gotta catch up with posting :D
The first episode begins with scenes of Poon Ka Yeung (Steven Ma) in the battlefield.  While rescuing one of the wounded, he found out that the person he was saving is in fact a member of the opposite army who disguised as one of their men.  When Ka Yeung saw the man's family picture, he told him that he also misses his own family.  In the end, Ka Yeung decided to help the man escape by telling the guy to take him as hostage.  The man then managed to escape.

Personally, I would love to see the man return in the later half of the series to repay Ka Yeung's help.  It'll probably happen too...just when?

Wing Tai Lung is a large silk factory in Guangzhou and in charge of it is Poons' second daughter, Poon Hau Yee (Akina Hong) and the eldest, Poon Ka Hin (Evergreen Mak).  Even though Ka Hin is the eldest, his father found him incapable of handling the business and so the factory is mainly maintained by Hau Yee.  Third son, Poon Ka Yeung, is a military doctor who's away from home.  Lastly, there's the fourth brother, Poon Ka Seng (Yeung Chiu Hoi), who's dream is to be an opera actor.

The women working in the silk the factory is somewhat divided into sides.  One follows the senior silk worker, Bik Wan (Maggie Siu) and the other works with Tong Bing Bing (Tavia Yeung).  Bing Bing is favoured by Hau Yee.  On the other hand, Hau Yee sees that Bik Wan shows her no respect because she's (Bik Wan) a long-time worker at the factory.  While Hau Yee has Bing Bing's back, Sis Wan seems to have Ka Hin on her side.

I'm really happy to see Maggie Siu back onscreen since it's been awhile.  There's definitely going on between Bik Wan and Ka Hin.  Bik Wan is a celibate and that is probably because of her past with Ka Hin, which will be revealed in the later episodes.

Aside from Bik Wan and Bing Bing, there's also Yin Foon (Cilla Kung) who works under Bik Wan.  Cilla is growing as an actress and it'll help her alot if tvb stops giving her loud/obnoxious roles!  In the later episodes though, her character would become a bit more mature (I've watched up to episode 13 haha) and both her story and Bik Wan's will get alot more interesting.

On the day of the annual festival, Ka Yeung makes a surprising return to the village.  The family was thrilled with his return but things soon turn sour when they found Hau Yee dead in an abandoned shack.  With her, they found a divorce letter from her husband and so therefore they concluded that her death was an act of suicide from shame.  At the sight of sister's corpse, Ka Seng fainted and becomes bedridden.  Ka Yeung doesn't believe that his sister committed suicide and therefore began to investigate the reason behind her death.  Helping along his side is Bing Bing.

Just when I thought Akina Hong scored a big role here, she dies!  I didn't expect her death to be so soon but I guess it does help with the pace of the story.  Hope to see more of her in the flashbacks!

The uncle, Poon Wing Cheung (Joseph Lee Kwok Lun), and cousin, Pang Kwok Leung (Stephen Wong), of Hau Yee's soon stir trouble in the factory right after her death.  While the uncle is happy about Hau Yee's death (because he now have the chance to step into charge at the factory), Kwok Leung obviously shows remorse for her death.  Why?  :P

Originally, they thought that Hau Yee died because she overdosed with opium but Ka Yeung, with his medical expertise, concluded that it was put in there after she died.  Since she was not poisoned, she could've possibly be suffocated.  Another clue they had is the bruises on her wrists.  Bing Bing also said that she couldn't have possibly commit suicide over her husband because Hau Yee once told her that she've already given up hope on him.

Bing Bing's first suspect is Sis Wan because of the feud between her and Hau Yee.  That is ruled out though because on the night of Hau Yee's death, Sis Wan was looking after Yin Foon who had a stomach ache.

While I'm glad to see Stevia Back onscreen, Tavia's Bing Bing can rather be annoying at times.  It almost seem like her character got split personality since she acts so cautious and understanding in front of Hau Yee but in front of Ka Yeung, she's all about the yelling.  Impulsiveness is not a crime but the yelling does get on my nerves haha.  Luckily her character will tone down in the next few episodes and also becomes more likable.

Hau Yee's husband, Po Ching (Stephen Huynh), was not around during her death and they couldn't find him after her death either.  The divorce letter that was found with her corpse wasn't delivered to her by him either.  Instead, Po Ching gave the letter to Ka Hin and it was Ka Hin who gave it to his sister.  No one else knew about the divorce letter until her death (or at least the show haven't shown anybody else beside this trio yet).

Doesn't this make either Po Ching or Ka Hin the prime suspects since they were the only one who knew about the divorce letter aside from Hau Yee?  I don't think Hau Yee will be carrying her divorce around and the murderer did deliberately leave it there to make everyone believe that she committed suicide.

To me, Ka Hin seems like the most likely person to kill Hau Yee.  I'm just praying that he's not though because that'll be way too predictable.

Even though nobody was able to find Po Ching, he suddenly shows up running into the funeral hall on the day of Hau Yee's funeral.  He said he was out of town during the time of Hau Yee's death but Bing Bing actually saw him in the village on the night of her death.  This means that he's very likely to be the one who killed her.

While Ka Yeung tried to investigate further into it, Bing Bing's impulsiveness got the best of her and she charged right into the Poon's house to announce that Po Ching is the killer.  Don't think the case will be solved so easily ;)

No one can come back fine after a war.  When Ka Yeung's thinking alone, he often have flashbacks of what happened when he was on the battlefield.  Looks like he was traumatized from that time and I'm glad that they showed this side of him.  I'm now quite intrigued to find out what happened to Ka Yeung.


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