Random Graphics ft Storm in a Cocoon, A Time of Love and CHIBI

Have no idea what to post lately, so just did graphics and CHIBI :P

It's been FOREVERRRRR since I've drawn something! Well...I did...but never finished any of them. You'd be sure to see some drawing of Priscilla Wong soon though cause I just ABSOLUTELY love her hairstyle in Karma Rider and Return of the Silver Tongue.

Oh wait...I hope you guys know who I drew down there Q.Q  I can't do hair...
btw...I still find the word 'cocoon' really weird.  I like saying it but always have trouble writing it.

The new banner for Linda Chung Thoughts


Rachel said...

ooohhh i really like the storm in a cocoon graphic! the pictures and color are very beautiful! can't wait to see steven and tavia's story, hopefully it's a good one!

Lynne said...

thanks!! I am so excited to see Stevia back together tooooo!!! also terribly missed Steven <3 argh! they better have a happy ending!!! :D

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