The Hippocratic Crush 2 - Kenneth and Tavia Cameo Appearances 13 years ago?

Hello my fellow readers!!  How long has it been since I blogged?  :(  For the past two weeks, I've been bombarded by midterms and essays!  First week I had like 3 midterms.  Then the week right after that, I had 3 essays due!  Gosh that was terrible.  Makes me hate October.  What's worse is that I only have a one week 'break' before more essays are due!!!  Then in December, it's finals again!  Not only do I hate October, I'm also beginning to hate November already.

Anyways enough complaints about school because despite all that, I still kept up to date with tvb :)  More precisely, Will Power.  I am really enjoying the series so far.  Loved the bickering between Moses Chan and Wayne Lai in the beginning episodes and their professionalism in court.  This 'law' series have much more court scenes then I expected and that is something I enjoy immensely.  The series pace is also nice, not too draggy.  On the other hand, I have not been watching Brother's Keeper.  Maybe I should start on it but really not in the mood right now.

Hmm...what else is there?  The Hippocratic Crush 2!!!!  Airing right after Brother's Keeper!!  I can't wait for the first episode to come out right now!  I initially wanted them to keep the original but after replaying the new song for so many times, I've grown so attached to it!  Especially loved how they kept the 'da di da da di da da' part!  Seriously I can just want to cry now! Wanna see it so badly!!

Oh also while watching the themesong, something just popped into my head.  As we all know, Kenneth Ma played alot of cameo roles before he got to where he is today.  So while rewatching one of Lawrence Ng's old series, 'Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000', I saw Kenneth in the background!!!  Hmm...another cameo appearance!?!? TAVIA YEUNG!  Yes, she was also in there!  Haha it's amazing how they are co-leading with Lawrence now after 13 years.  Both Kenneth and Tavia have made it far.

Hope you guys found this interesting ;)  I will be posting more cameo appearances of theirs.  Right now though, you guys can check out some of the ones I found before: Tavia Yeung's, Kenneth Ma's.


Rachel said...

awww i'm so sorry to hear your past two weeks have been super busy!! :( i've been writing papers non stop too, have a big one due in a couple days and super stressed over it. hope you were able to get some rest though!
i am also very excited for On Call 2!! but i don't like to start dramas until they finish airing so i can marathon through it in a few days haha but definitely looking forward to it and i love the theme song as well!! sad to hear Tang Chi Wai is leaving tvb.... :( hope there will still be good theme songs!

lynne said...

thanks Rachel :) Same thing to you! Find time to relax!

LOLS you do marathons? That's impressive!! I like to watch one episode and wait for the next....need the anticipation to keep me going :) Yah, heard that Tang Chi Wai is leaving...unfortunate yes, but happy to see him reaching towards a broader music field.

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