What's the big deal? Chicken Rice

Yes!  You heard me correctly.  Chicken rice is a big deal!  Why?  Cause I am craving it right now!!!  My mom attempted to make it but meh, she's a good cook but I don't want her to try doing that again.  Haha

When was the first time I ate chicken rice?  This past summer.  So yah, not too long ago.  I ate it during my trip at Singapore.  Man it was the best meal I had there since my friend (some of you may know her cause she was once a tvb blogger too!) took us out to eat, so we didn't have to eat the meals set up by the tour.  I don't like the places that tour guides took us to eat; would rather eat out in the streets.  Anyways, the place we went to eat at took place at this food court?  Damn, the line for the chicken rice was long!  I waited half an hour in line to get two plates of chicken rice.  Crazy but worth it!  I was also surprise how cheap it was too!!  Three something for a plate?  Where can I get that price in Vancouver!?  Nowhere that is.

Anyways, the chicken was so tender though I didn't notice how fragrant the rice was at first.  When I got back to Vietnam, my cousin also took me out to eat more chicken rice (since I told her I really liked it in Singapore).  The chicken is not as tender where I ate at Vietnam, but the rice was sooooooooo good!  It has the flavour of chicken but also bits and pieces of ginger (I LOVE ginger).  The taste is still lingering in my mouth right now!  Sigh, I miss the tender chicken and awesome sauce in Singapore and the delicious taste of the rice in Vietnam.

I'd really love to visit Singapore again one day, not just for the chicken rice but also because I quite like the place.  Maybe I'll talk more about it later? :)

So....to connect this post to TVB, have anybody here watched "Yummy Yummy" featuring Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung?  They made chicken rice in there!!! haha I love the part where they participated in the competitions.