[Poke-fied] Him Law

I am bored and so this is what I shall be writing for my own amusement :P  Will be short and quick!

Poke-fied will be featuring artistes that I think resembles a Pokemon. This is purely for fun, so don't get too serious about it :P Whatever I say is not meant to be offensive (to the artiste nor the Pokemon haha)...so hopefully you guys can have fun with this like I will be!

*** May I add that I will only be featuring Pokemon from generation 1 and maybe gen 2. I am a Gen. 1 fan and that shall be it :P
When I think of Him Law, of course I would think of his muscular biceps. And to find a Pokemon worthy in comparison, no doubt is has to be Machoke. haha

What about you? Which Pokemon reminds you of Him Law? :]


miriamfanz said...

Hahaha, that's some creative thinking! Looking forward to more of these posts. I also only know Gen 1 Pokemons

lynne said...

lols thanks miriamfanz :D Just thought of it while raising Pokemon eggs (lols on a poke site). Though I despise the current released POkemon.....I am still a poke nerd in some ways xD I know up to gen 3...but after that, I am lost :P

Rachel said...

LOLOL love this post! and yay for gen 1 pokemons! they were the originals haha

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