"On Call 36小時II" [The Hippocratic Crush 2] - Blessing Ceremony

From memory, Lawrence has always been pretty tall but in the first picture, he's shorter than Kenneth Ma AND Him Law!!  Honestly surprised me, especially Him Law's height.  Lols to be honest, I always thought that Him Law looked pretty short...but I guess I was wrong?  Just checked that Him is 1.78m while Kenneth is 1.83m tall.  To add onto that, Lawrence's height is not mentioned but found out that he's already 48 years old!!  Wow...time flew by fast!  Oh, may I also add that the source is wiki x]  haha

Though I am very excited to see Lawrence's return, I am terribly disappointed that his costar is last year's MHK's winner, Tracy Chu, instead of Louisa So!  I wanted Louisa So....Q.Q


Melon said...

I really can't wait for this series to start!!! Yay! We get to see Kenta onscreen again as a couple again too. Love this series.
Btw, will Candy Chang be in this series as main or is she replace with Eliza Sam?????

lynne said...

I am unsure of Candy's role right now, but most likely it won't be much since her character will be studying overseas (won't appear until later). This is due to the drug scandal that she was involved with.

More info on Him Law's love interests; he's going to be involved with Eliza Sum and Crystal Li

Melon said...

What??? I thought the series was going to have the original cast and the original couple together.
Crystal Li, the one in Ghetto Justice 2, is it???
Why can't Him Law be with Candy!!!
On Call will not be the same if not all the cast are together, with the same couple. This is just my thoughts.
Opps, just realise how much I type.

lynne said...

Yes, Crystal Li is the one from Ghetto Justice 2.

Recently, Candy's drug case has just been cleared. So tvb might bring her back earlier into the series....though I have a feeling they want to push Eliza to pair with Him.

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the new series but I have a feeling the first series will be better than the second series.

lynne said...

Yes, though I am excited for The sequel....I do not expect muh since sequels are usually not par with its successors haha

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