Inbound Troubles - "Brother Song" by Ivana Wong

While Ivana Wong steered her focus of studies towards music, her brother, Roger Kwok, finds that there is no hope for such a career path.  To add more fuel into the fire, Ivana lied to him about her studies and caused their relationship to crumble...

Unknown to Roger, Ivana wrote a song dedicated to him called, "Brother Song".  With the piano he bought her, using his first paycheck, Ivana performed the song.  The performance was recorded by Wong Cho Lam and sent to Roger, who of course, was happy to hear the song.  

Such a heart-warming moment.  Absolutely love the song too.  Got a very soothing melody :)
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miriamfanz said...

I hear Ivana wants to release an Inbound Troubles album. I like "Brother Song", very sweet. There's more Inbound Troubles soundtrack here:

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