Whooo! New Layout for 2013! and New Years Resolution!

Hey guys!  So sorry for disappearing o.O  I just wanted to change the layout, which should've only taken a day.  Somehow though, I managed to stretch it to 3 days?  That's because I totally forgot about having to buy my textbooks :P  Therefore the panicking began, having to realize that school is less than a week away.

Now onto the new layout!  Not exactly what I wanted because I was hoping for something abit "less" gloomy to start of a new year.  Haha I am too in love with the colour purple though, so I just had to make the layout purple!

As for the banner, it's an unexpected production :P  I just wanted to use the pictures of "January" from the tvb calendar and it came out like that.  Honestly looks like a fan poster for some vampire movie.  Lols I am referring to Twilight! Going to change it soon once I got something else!

Haha will tell you guys my New Years Resolution..

1)  Better time management
-  I would not aim as high as trying to "stop procrastinating" because that is an absolutely impossible goal.  Procrastinating is just a part of human nature :P  haha just believe that there should be a limit, which I have already passed by a mile or so.  That is why this year, I will learn to manage my time better!  I swear I would not write another essay (not just an essay because I also had to do the researching for it) that's worth 20% of the WHOLE grade (essay of the semester), the NIGHT BEFORE it's due.  Even if you've never done that before, I believe that you can at least imagine how horrible it was.  Not to mention that my English skills are below average....*tears*  So yes, I shall get an agenda!

Oh would also like to mention, university is friggin EXPENSIVE!!!  Have to make the best out of it!!!  Valuable lesson that I learned from my first semester :P

2)  Get my butt out of the house!
-  The outside world is the place one needs to venture out to in order to grow!  So don't be lazy and get out there and do something!  Job?  Volunteer work?  I dunno, I just know I need to do something!  Last year I did volunteer but that stopped when university began in September.  But with the days getting brighter (Winter will be over soon!!), I need to do something or else it'll drive me crazy.


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