[What's Up?] Watermark Program?!

As you guys may already know, I often do screencaps for the dramas that I watch and there's usually a logo thingy that references back to "tvb horizon". First of all, those are all added on to the pictures manually (aka one by one) in photoshop. Unknown to me though, there are programs that can do that for us (in batches too)!!!!! Lols something I dread about taking screencaps is having to put on the credits on the photos....but now, everything is so much easier! Now instead of spending so much time to edit them in ps, I can easily add the watermark on trhe photos in a matter of seconds :P

The free watermarking program I'm using is called, TSR Watermark Image. Fast and easy, you can also customize your own logo/credits too :D If you use Piscasa like I do, there is also a way to add the watermark through tools but the means of customizing is abit more complicated. Haha so that's why I'm just using TSR and uploading them onto Piscasa later on :)

Seriously I felt very foolish yesterday, when I found out about this =.= This will make everything a whole lot easier!

haha to be honest, I have a teeny tiny addiction with taking screencaps. I can just sit there and take pictures for hours :P So now that I have this program to help me, I will be taking screencaps continuously...cause they make me happy xD haha


Rachel said...

oohh how exciting!! :) looking forward to seeing more screencaptures! :D

lynne said...

hehe there will be alot! xD

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